Tesla Semi & Roadster Unveil 

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Semi is the safest, most comfortable truck ever. Four independent motors provide maximum power and acceleration and require the lowest energy cost per mile.
Learn more: lvlocal.info/down/video/bIi40ZWnp22eap8.html

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14 dec 2017






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Tim Engle
Tim Engle Pirms 4 Stundām
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maang kiim
maang kiim Pirms 10 Stundām
But where is the charger place in Australia
maang kiim
maang kiim Pirms 10 Stundām
I love Tesla they are great because they make stuff eazeyer
Mary Mary
Mary Mary Pirms 10 Stundām
My idollll god save him ang god live himmm
Pablo Yanqui
Pablo Yanqui Pirms 14 Stundām
Yo this dude stutters alotb
adven ture
adven ture Pirms 18 Stundām
Funny that all people went to see the red car but no interest on a semi which will bring your food to the shops.
dex3te Pirms 21 Stundas
8:50 that yhea lol 10:55 to 12:29 to
V Vendetta
V Vendetta Pirms 22 Stundām
Did someone really boo at the diesel truck interior😂that took me out😂😭the shade😂
The Mad Cow
The Mad Cow Pirms dienas
31:31 this guy
hdmat101 Pirms dienas
What happened to the pickup truck version of the semi truck? Why is there cybertruck
Abhin Thomas
Abhin Thomas Pirms dienas
2025: Tesla Earth
Abhin Thomas
Abhin Thomas Pirms dienas
The entry though...
Rourkie the eshay
Rourkie the eshay Pirms dienas
You need to make a cheap Ute not expensive one
Navneet Vikash Saw
Navneet Vikash Saw Pirms 2 dienām
Elon musk is great at presenting but, Steve Jobs was on another level, just check the launch event of the first iPhone.
FDA_ Adversary
FDA_ Adversary Pirms 2 dienām
Rock of ages USA
Rock of ages USA Pirms 2 dienām
He sounds like Joe Biden
NCT ls
NCT ls Pirms 2 dienām
Công nhận ông là 1 nguòi tài giỏi....
Pesona Global TV
Pesona Global TV Pirms 2 dienām
Frank K
Frank K Pirms 2 dienām
AClRCLEOFLlGHT Pirms 2 dienām
It sounds like Elon came straight to this unveiling, from a pre-unveiling party. He even showed up with a designated driver.
Tesla Semi Trucks
Tesla Semi Trucks Pirms 2 dienām
Hi Yall, the trucks will rollout nationwide in about 2023...just wait...tx
randy phillips
randy phillips Pirms 3 dienām
2021, still no roadster or tesla semi.......
Oshan Laksitha
Oshan Laksitha Pirms 3 dienām
😮 amazon track
DemZay Pirms 3 dienām
My man elon trying to talk but those people still laughing about every words he says
美国李哥 Pirms 3 dienām
he's not a good speaker he's a just a genius
Braedan Mackler
Braedan Mackler Pirms 3 dienām
McLaren 765lt just got 8.9 seconds in the quarter mile and it to is a production car
Floyd Remy
Floyd Remy Pirms 3 dienām
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Roger Donovan
Roger Donovan Pirms 3 dienām
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Nellie Price
Nellie Price Pirms 3 dienām
hello how much did you start up with
Roger Donovan
Roger Donovan Pirms 3 dienām
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Amos Margimari
Amos Margimari Pirms 3 dienām
Greetings from Alabama. i’m so happy taking the bold step investing $1000 with expert pomah. Got another payout today
Alexia Blane
Alexia Blane Pirms 3 dienām
i have made a 4th withdrawal now from a recommended trader expert mr pomah his expertise is outstanding
George harrison
George harrison Pirms 4 dienām
I'm glad he didn't checked the windows
Adam H.
Adam H. Pirms 4 dienām
Optimus is that you?
wonder games
wonder games Pirms 4 dienām
3 years later he is the richest man ever!
adsocstorm Pirms 4 dienām
is ther going to be a tesla jet ?
r b
r b Pirms 4 dienām
That was a rockstar performance!
Fatima Parrado
Fatima Parrado Pirms 4 dienām
Elon you go ahead. Humanity follows you
D T Pirms 4 dienām
are these things on the Road yet?
Tik Trends
Tik Trends Pirms 4 dienām
is no one going to talk about the awkward silence (9:15)
Unavailable gamers
Unavailable gamers Pirms 5 dienām
its probunced sheron and its a hypercar but tesla is faster than it
Harry Tom
Harry Tom Pirms 5 dienām
Super Sleek 🔥
Mitul Kotak
Mitul Kotak Pirms 5 dienām
Gasolines in 2016:we are the only one here hahaha Tesla in 2017:not maybe
Token Pirms 5 dienām
I wonder if it could be modified into a "Monster Truck"
Пердёж Бомжей О Политике
Первый раз в жизни испытываю гордость за человека иной страны . Это круто !
SO SORRY 2 Pirms 5 dienām
Asmaa Alfrkh
Asmaa Alfrkh Pirms 5 dienām
Elon vs Tim Cook who will win : elon has won
oliver M.
oliver M. Pirms 6 dienām
He will be shut down like the old tesla
ACE_PLAYER_GAMING Pirms 6 dienām
Who is watching this in 2021?
Sumo_ Wat
Sumo_ Wat Pirms 6 dienām
Elon in 2018: "Roadster will be available for purchase in 2020." Me in 2021: 🤔🧐🤷‍♂️
Ethan Shaw
Ethan Shaw Pirms 6 dienām
What's Inside @ 1:18
epic gamer
epic gamer Pirms 6 dienām
s 3 x y
Logan Freeman
Logan Freeman Pirms 6 dienām
I know that song
brian poland
brian poland Pirms 6 dienām
I want the mini version and to put a rollback on it
Aaron Forren
Aaron Forren Pirms 6 dienām
I want one
Soojal Kumar
Soojal Kumar Pirms 6 dienām
Its is bot simple truck that very dabgerous looking high speed truck
Luke P
Luke P Pirms 6 dienām
Poor trucks lost the attention when the Roadster came :,(
Helen Chan
Helen Chan Pirms 7 dienām
I live in Canada and when I heard the intro I thought I was in my French class
Felix Samulevich
Felix Samulevich Pirms 7 dienām
Who pay after and of what kind of immunity we can tell about . Covid 19 on the presentation .Radioactivity kill immune system additionally to sun ray radioactivity America Italy China Japan .What else wonder you can present ?
Casper Kruse
Casper Kruse Pirms 7 dienām
i wan't to see how long time the normal truck took
Felix Samulevich
Felix Samulevich Pirms 7 dienām
If more to tell the critical moments of magnetic ray field coming in time of braking and acceleration and it room behind of a driver exactly it is the same point as supposed to be most safety room for passenger occupation in case of extra situation whatever old person can be .The most negative influence and after effects spreads to inner organ of children ( for example time of development of people liver going until 14 years and before end of formation it is very fragile .Scientific research shows so electromagnetic field develop disorder of embryos so it is by logic can be very problematic and serious consequence in time scale .
Felix Samulevich
Felix Samulevich Pirms 7 dienām
On the level of sells low frequency electromagnetic fluctuation lead to the situation when sells absorb ions charge if not to mention radioactivity of electricity net of America .Europe and some else country people become like mobile phone easy to follow for control reason . As result disorder and mutation of chemical process tissues cease stop reserve oxygen supply, people become lethargic and lose orientation less or more. The combination of all this factors not to be wonder lead to cancer sooner or later .
Felix Samulevich
Felix Samulevich Pirms 7 dienām
it is not .
Asbalt Pirms 7 dienām
Eu nem sei mais o que dizer, da tamanha perfeição nas fabricações Tesla
Asbalt Pirms 7 dienām
Eu nem sei mais o que dizer, da tamanha perfeição nas fabricações Tesla
mj22revolution Pirms 7 dienām
That guy from France is a loser!
Bendy9086 Pirms 7 dienām
these guy are rong about the older diesel's semis, the diesel's are way better that the tesla, 100% never jack knife , ied like to see it on Icey roads
Raden Vanero
Raden Vanero Pirms 7 dienām
Ada Yeng mau liat oersilakan
Raden Vanero
Raden Vanero Pirms 7 dienām
Yes oke sobat tengkiu sobat semua berikan terbaik untuk semua nya tampaterjecuwaku
Azte ka
Azte ka Pirms 7 dienām
not a single electric truck can stand a chance against a diesel, that's math
SKM Pirms 8 dienām
26:04 Roadster unveil
J Ranjan
J Ranjan Pirms 8 dienām
yo man, you rock !!! 🎸 🌞🔥 Elon is one of the best things earth produced !!
Matt Michniuk
Matt Michniuk Pirms 8 dienām
Well Bill heres the semi you said was not possible???Maybe mind your own business and stick to things you are versed in ,and I'm not talking about vaccines.You are NOT a Dr.???
inspire!!! grow
inspire!!! grow Pirms 8 dienām
He S doing depopulation agenda
Exa games
Exa games Pirms 8 dienām
Holy (censored)
M McTest
M McTest Pirms 8 dienām
In 2015 a semi autonomous hydrogen fuel cell powered semi truck traveled the width of the US without refuelling and the driver in the back seat. Refuels in far less time than a battery recharge. No emissions., So why is Tesla's so great? My opinion
Fortnitepro Gamer_guy
Fortnitepro Gamer_guy Pirms 9 dienām
Elon yes
Ali Kabeer
Ali Kabeer Pirms 9 dienām
30:10 great timing by that jet.
Weske44 Pirms 9 dienām
3 years later... Still waiting...
Southeastern class 465 EMU
That semi looks fucking ugly af
AWoods Pirms 9 dienām
Elon stutters more than a gas car stalls:P
DanishAmerican Warrior
DanishAmerican Warrior Pirms 9 dienām
I have a lot of respect for Musk.....But this is a fail base on what he is explaining. Beautiful truck, but these are not tractor/trailers. Big Fail!!!!
DetroMitus Pirms 9 dienām
I love it. Tesla Roadster is the first EV to have its range measured in Megameters.
DetroMitus Pirms 9 dienām
*Elon:* * anything * *Some girl:* _"whAT?"_
Thatguyman gaming
Thatguyman gaming Pirms 10 dienām
Dipak Talpada
Dipak Talpada Pirms 10 dienām
Elver Galarga
Elver Galarga Pirms 10 dienām
KMC Las Vegas
KMC Las Vegas Pirms 10 dienām
Next up: Tesla Locomotive
pennyweiser Pirms 10 dienām
He looks high af haha
LuiX ay лол.
LuiX ay лол. Pirms 11 dienām
2022: tesla cruise 2030: tesla planet
David Miller
David Miller Pirms 11 dienām
The determined heron decisively trick because join clinicopathologically spot lest a ten low. glamorous, tiny greek
Mostafa Ah
Mostafa Ah Pirms 11 dienām
It my dream car
erik Pirms 11 dienām
But o like Gasoline and diesel smell
ABD Pirms 12 dienām
hes definitely high
Regarding Godzilla / Godzilla singular point
Elon musk bro
Stephen Adkins
Stephen Adkins Pirms 12 dienām
Elon Musk- "our truck makes Jack knifeing impossible." Truckers- "hold my 🍺."
Green Mantis
Green Mantis Pirms 12 dienām
I really miss Steve Jobs . But this guy is picking up where he left off .amazing
Swanand Kavalgikar
Swanand Kavalgikar Pirms 13 dienām
Tesla and Elon Sir are supercalifragilisticallyexpialydocious
Smurcc Pirms 14 dienām
I love how hes like come on up, and then the security dudes are like OOhh hfuckk GO GO GO
Smurcc Pirms 14 dienām
anyone else notice whats inside?
Rameez Quadri Syed
Rameez Quadri Syed Pirms 14 dienām
why would u need a tesla truck if you are poor working as a dirver
Jakub Novotný
Jakub Novotný Pirms 14 dienām
Muhammed Samil
Muhammed Samil Pirms 14 dienām
The moment when u realise. A truck powered by smartphone batteries can go 0 to 60mph faster Than your car. Wtf Elon!!!!!????!!!!!!
James Grose
James Grose Pirms 14 dienām
Where do lot lizards sleep at?
Nikola Jokic
Nikola Jokic Pirms 14 dienām
25:33 Elon didn't take the teddy bear someone gave him :(
Murder Pirms 12 dienām
damn :.(
Zagier KZ
Zagier KZ Pirms 14 dienām
No ale gandalf był palony
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