SpaceX Lands All 3 Falcon Heavy Boosters for the First Time 

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This is the highlight reel for the second successful launch of Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy reusable booster on April 11th 2019. Details include the first time landing all three Falcon 9 boosters and a successful deployment if the ARABSAT-6A payload.
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11 apr 2019






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nextup Pirms 52 Minūtes
How did Joe Rogan miss this amazing milestone?
Kenneth Zaugg Jr.
Kenneth Zaugg Jr. Pirms 2 Stundām
I'm 63. I'm very happy I was lucky enough to witness this event. Simply amazing.
cuco jr
cuco jr Pirms 16 Stundām
I would die for this stuff
bubisav123 Pirms dienas
Eamon Dwyer
Eamon Dwyer Pirms 2 dienām
Complete nonsense..cartoons for adults.
Donet Mardon
Donet Mardon Pirms 2 dienām
flat earth
dhi hai
dhi hai Pirms 2 dienām
The secret guitar family return because robert chronically trap outside a silly valley. delirious, quiet stepson
Hanlet Rojas
Hanlet Rojas Pirms 2 dienām
Y aun creen que la tierra es plana 3:06
ayya hennesto
ayya hennesto Pirms 2 dienām
This is A Musk Step
Frank Castello
Frank Castello Pirms 2 dienām
What a waste of money
Noname 1st
Noname 1st Pirms 2 dienām
The last 2 years have been a nightmare for the flat earthlings,their dream's have been smashed all on camera numerous times 😂
Daniel Britton
Daniel Britton Pirms 2 dienām
Off the meter cool. I wish they would remake "Space Food Sticks."
Oai Pirms 2 dienām
Miguel Angel Perez Lopez
Miguel Angel Perez Lopez Pirms 2 dienām
While this is awesome, imagine the day Starship lands back on Earth after being on Mars. That's going to be an interesting day to be alive.
Mr Adr
Mr Adr Pirms 2 dienām
I just realized why computers are better than humans. These things are made possible with algorithms, which means all of them are controlled at the same time with the same settings(basically everything same in any way you can imagine) Similar to those little drones that appeared at TedEx if im not wrong. If we tried to do that with human control, like manually by a remote, theres literally impossible to do that.
Joe Garrett
Joe Garrett Pirms 2 dienām
What happened to the second stage?
Roger M
Roger M Pirms 2 dienām
So damn fake you can tell
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Pirms 3 dienām
That is just so Cool the side boosters landing in pad.
Aloor Majak
Aloor Majak Pirms 3 dienām
Aloor Majak
Aloor Majak Pirms 3 dienām
Im scared if o die
Isuru Gunarathna
Isuru Gunarathna Pirms 3 dienām
Anyone here after SN10 landing?
Fredi x
Fredi x Pirms 3 dienām
9:38 hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... jajajaja 10:09 apareció... jajajaja dejate de joder...
Craig Veilleux
Craig Veilleux Pirms 3 dienām
Nasa is playing u
Jota SM
Jota SM Pirms 3 dienām
Frank McNally
Frank McNally Pirms 3 dienām
What a load of utter nonsense, anyone who thinks this is real is delusional at best, hilarious.
sun dancer
sun dancer Pirms 3 dienām
None of this matters. Biggest waste of money.
David Wagstaff
David Wagstaff Pirms 3 dienām
Such an awesome sight!
malanga con mojo
malanga con mojo Pirms 3 dienām
Fernando Vargas
Fernando Vargas Pirms 3 dienām
Excited..... Go SpaceX go....
Polat ALEMDAR Pirms 3 dienām
bu şimdi ne yaptıki anlamadım
Steve Everson
Steve Everson Pirms 3 dienām
yulu wang
yulu wang Pirms 3 dienām
I am a Chinese.I think this is good.😃😃😃
Dan Driscoll
Dan Driscoll Pirms 3 dienām
Commentator loves trains I bet.
Ayse Aydin
Ayse Aydin Pirms 3 dienām
Speed fake
Christopher Sines
Christopher Sines Pirms 4 dienām
Imagine if NASA wasn’t bureaucratic mess of inefficiency and misspending then we could’ve achieved this along time ago.
Shaun Dixon
Shaun Dixon Pirms 4 dienām
We landed on the moon!
CarroGarÇom Pirms 4 dienām
DeuceGenius Pirms 4 dienām
so proud of everyone at spacex. not just for america but for the world
Ricardo Pirms 4 dienām
Na jovem pan hoje disseram que explodiu
süleyman Pirms 4 dienām
very very amazing guys
Para Pirms 4 dienām
Woooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! a Real and a True Version of the Avengers' Tony Starks is Space X's Elon Musk. OF COURSE I STILL LOVE YOU
Tyler Nagel
Tyler Nagel Pirms 5 dienām
I cried
Felix Fu
Felix Fu Pirms 5 dienām
The thoughtful dew preferentially tickle because sweater unquestionably wrestle amongst a literate agenda. hissing, nauseating society
N. James
N. James Pirms 5 dienām
I am absolutely living in the best of times! I couldn't imagine living in another time in the history of the world.
N. James
N. James Pirms 5 dienām
This is my favorite! This just never gets old!
Efren Perez
Efren Perez Pirms 5 dienām
10:03 what Is that in the background?
Rohan Thapa
Rohan Thapa Pirms 5 dienām
Who is here after Successfully landed SN10 Boca Chica ?
Too old to rock-n-roll, too young to die
A ballet of technology!
Tadek5 Pirms 5 dienām
Classic computer animation and a cinema spectacle for the public. This is some church and religion because it certainly has nothing to do with technology. This landing on a swaying barge is a huge exaggeration. 50 years ago, there were no limits to the fantasies of NASA filmmakers. They flew to the moon every now and then. Now they can only fly on barge. Because they lost their technologies. One big fake.
JustViggo 64
JustViggo 64 Pirms 3 dienām
How can you be so stupid?
Shaun Chambers
Shaun Chambers Pirms 5 dienām
The fresh anime reportedly colour because purple immunohistologically explode to a xenophobic tank. abusive, aboriginal vegetable
Ricky300 Pirms 5 dienām
Earth looks flat here
The Rocks
The Rocks Pirms 6 dienām
7:35 i've seen this scene plenty of times, but every time i see the double landing by the falcon heavy's rockets, chills goes down through my spine.
Renegade doge
Renegade doge Pirms 7 dienām
What can I say, never have I seen something so awesome!
Göld 86
Göld 86 Pirms 7 dienām
Notice how the spacex logo painted now they did that for SN10 landing pad they painted the SpaceX logo now for Wednesday launch 🚀 so I think it will land for first time
SPACEMAN Pirms 7 dienām
We need to get off the planet floor before we end up like the dinosaur's. Extinct.
N. James
N. James Pirms 5 dienām
I'll go along with that. It's only a matter of time before Earth gets smacked.
Muhamad Pirms 7 dienām
This video so funy how some rocket can go to sky and back to earth in 7 minute, amazing cgi animation 🤣🤣🤣
JustViggo 64
JustViggo 64 Pirms 3 dienām
Idk man, there were thousands of people who saw it happen
samurai dog
samurai dog Pirms 7 dienām
Yeet Pirms 7 dienām
Wait. Why are they using KM/h when it's is the USA ?
g Pirms 6 dienām
@Yeet np
Yeet Pirms 6 dienām
@g Oh thank you!
g Pirms 6 dienām
metric is usually the standard in scientific areas in the usa. Nasa used m/s too during the perserverence landing
Bob Cathey
Bob Cathey Pirms 8 dienām
After a long, unfortunate, neglect buy our national leadership, NASA, and commercial space flight, is back in the good old USA. No more dependence on American adversaries. Go, USA!
包闊 Pirms 8 dienām
13:53 what is it? UFO?
MFEITE Pirms 9 dienām
Eu tenho um amigo que instala câmera. ..ele nunca andou em tesla. ..mas as câmeras iram funcionar na hora certa kkk
Mike Valo
Mike Valo Pirms 9 dienām
john_smith Pirms 9 dienām
It's so great that Elon managed to re-introduce into the public that excitement about the space.
Fabian Sanchez
Fabian Sanchez Pirms 9 dienām
It's a beautiful thing to see humankind come together.
FUN TECH. Pirms 9 dienām
I think Spacex better than nasa
heureuse kahindo
heureuse kahindo Pirms 10 dienām
Great job man! Please anyone can explain me how the filming is done in space. This always bother me a lot. Please if anyone can explain where the cameras that film on the space are placed. I mean cameras that send the real time videos back to earth are placed
black5f Pirms 11 dienām
Well I'm 58 and watched the moon landings. Now they bring the rockets back, and film in HD. Then they filmed a landing on Mars? WTF.
TheRealStormyD Pirms 11 dienām
What happens to the last piece of ship still in space?
Eduardo Silveira
Eduardo Silveira Pirms 11 dienām
Simplesmente o maior feito da humanidade até o momento, através da mente mais brilhante do mundo
Masmin Mumin
Masmin Mumin Pirms 12 dienām
The amazing 🚀
Introvert Airways
Introvert Airways Pirms 13 dienām
The double landing is always awesome to watch, what a feat on engineering.
Lapada Creft • Pandeiro
Lapada Creft • Pandeiro Pirms 13 dienām
NeutronFlux Pirms 13 dienām
I can't believe Joe Rogan didn't know they landed the falcon heavy boosters via burns. He thought they landed them with parachutes...
Luis P
Luis P Pirms 15 Stundām
Joe a troll he acts like he know it all...
J W Pirms 13 dienām
It's hard to believe Joe Rogan had no idea about Elon's largest accomplishment :/
Berserker Cazador
Berserker Cazador Pirms 13 dienām
minuto 09:26 pasaba un ovni y lo sacaron del aire, tipico de los norteamericanos escondiendo cierto material sensible jajajaja
MN N Pirms 14 dienām
I like hearing the command center ppl talking more than the narrators
Dankotaz Pirms 14 dienām
why the second stage flame looks invisible????
JustViggo 64
JustViggo 64 Pirms 3 dienām
Because most of the combustion is inside the engine bell, that is much larger than normal ones to be able to opperate in a vacuum
Sean Colton
Sean Colton Pirms 14 dienām
Fake news
Coy Station
Coy Station Pirms 14 dienām
3menit sampe luar angkasa 😲😲
Mike G
Mike G Pirms 15 dienām
how come they shut the cam on the boat?
Mike G
Mike G Pirms 15 dienām
ben hauger
ben hauger Pirms 15 dienām
With Socialism these achievements aren't possible.
Sangga Buana
Sangga Buana Pirms 15 dienām
FE are crying
Danny Urriza
Danny Urriza Pirms 15 dienām
Not success for Elon musk but the hole humanity 😅😅😅
ProKz Gaming Tv
ProKz Gaming Tv Pirms 16 dienām
2040 Mars will. Inherited with Human.
Sean Albert
Sean Albert Pirms 17 dienām
Watching on the day mars perseverance touched down. Can't wait until I see one of these boosters touching down on the surface.
James Roberts
James Roberts Pirms 17 dienām
And the day will come when occurrences such as this will be met with yawns as they become routine and are just another booster landing. Not today though!
Joey Fleitas
Joey Fleitas Pirms 17 dienām
Neruba Pirms 18 dienām
That date will be studied in future history books as a game changer in space travel. Reusing materials is the key.
Tadek5 Pirms 18 dienām
Nice fairy tale. However, Harry Potter flying a broomstick is more funny.
JustViggo 64
JustViggo 64 Pirms 3 dienām
Why would you say this? There were thousands of people who saw it happen with their own eyes
Jett Quasar
Jett Quasar Pirms 5 dienām
Why do you think so?
g Pirms 6 dienām
you can literally go there. is it just a projection in the brain of the spectators to you? or are they paid actors
Gonçalo Pereira
Gonçalo Pereira Pirms 16 dienām
@Tadek5 I can tell you I was there, 6th February to 9th February and I kept up with everything SpaceX did in that week, I saw the 2 sideboosters land side by side, and I have footage from my IPhone if you want
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Pirms 17 dienām
@Tadek5 And yet, the ignorant comments of an internet nobody (you) make no difference to the fact that these 3 rocket booster landings (and many others of course) have actually happened. Have you not seen the dozens of other videos uploaded to youtube by members of the public, who have witnessed these landings first hand? There are many other aerospace companies who are successfully completing vertical booster landings such as this as well.
BearHeadedWerewolf Pirms 18 dienām
Easily one of the most hyped 15 minutes if my life right here.🚀
phill downes
phill downes Pirms 18 dienām
Biggest load of bollocks since man landing on the moon in 1969.. those rockets would at least scorch the base they land on if real.. this is good cgi and that is a bout it.... if people are falling for this shit then it shows how gullible they are... musk is once of the biggest fakers ever, good luck to him if people are stupid enough to believe this crap..
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Pirms 12 dienām
@phill downes You actually don't think there's footage of members of the public witnessing these vertical booster landings? Here's a link that shows some of this footage - lvlocal.info/down/video/jYus24JqbWp9pnA.html Perhaps you can point out these 'large screens' you've mentioned?
phill downes
phill downes Pirms 12 dienām
@Sailor Man witnessed on large screens. Not witnessed with their own eyes. Now go sit in front of a mirror and have a serious talk with yoursel as you need to seriously wake up to bullshit.
phill downes
phill downes Pirms 12 dienām
@tre tucker they are personal phones taking video of a large screen you fool...
tre tucker
tre tucker Pirms 13 dienām
@Sailor Man anyway you can link the crowds personal phone footage?
Sailor Man
Sailor Man Pirms 17 dienām
And yet thousands of people have witnessed his other vertical rocket landings. Do you not think it's technically possible to return a rocket booster back to earth in this manner? Incidentally, what makes you think the 6 successful Apollo lunar landing missions conducted between 1969 and 1972 weren't genuine? You must know a great deal of specific information about the missions and how they were conducted in order to refute them?
ale spaxshadow
ale spaxshadow Pirms 19 dienām
Jett, can u tell us what the name of soundtrack used in this video? nice music and nice video...
ale spaxshadow
ale spaxshadow Pirms 7 dienām
Jett, help o/
Jay star Gaming
Jay star Gaming Pirms 19 dienām
Hello comment section, I’m looking for space denying idiots who think they are cool. Please supply me quotes or comment here! Thanks for making me laugh
MELVIN MANUEL Pirms 19 dienām
10:08 successful landing on droneship main core
LK S Pirms 19 dienām
*7:37** the historic moment, you all want to cherish again.* 🙏
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim Pirms 19 dienām
Still the coolest shit ive ever seen
Lol.What?キャプテン Pirms 20 dienām
Hmm... looks like the Earth is Round.
TuckerSZN Pirms 20 dienām
This is what a great day at work looks like for SpaceX
TheOnewhoKnocks Pirms 20 dienām
this girl is beautiful
Renel Sanchez
Renel Sanchez Pirms 20 dienām
Spacex be like: recykle
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