My 666 IQ Imposter Play Made the NEWS 

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i literally don't see a point in anything lmfao
Birdjsakdasd APP!!!: Corpse_Husband
listen 2 some tunes doggy!
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21 feb 2021






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carl fullard
carl fullard Pirms 2 Stundām
MD Motiar Rahman Shakib
MD Motiar Rahman Shakib Pirms 4 Stundām
Yes my favourite number is 666
Roblox Walkthroughs
Roblox Walkthroughs Pirms 15 Stundām
Corpse personality: she will be back by 8 sir Corpse voice: You daughter calls me daddy (I copied the comment so I won't get spammed STOLEN)
Ava Marie
Ava Marie Pirms 16 Stundām
Make a discord
sardothien mild
sardothien mild Pirms 16 Stundām
this is so weird to say im literally turning 20 tomorrow but corpse gets me... flustered like a little girl? i feel like back in middle school when i watch his videos i for real just wanna hang out with him he s such a nice and genuine person i love him so much lol
YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel Pirms dienas
Bretman killing corpse is my favorite part 😂😂😂
Sapnap_28 Pirms dienas
I Really really wanted to Support you
Itz •Mimi• YT
Itz •Mimi• YT Pirms dienas
YANXI (CICI) CHEN Pirms 2 dienām
"also we were drinking" he just throws that out there so easily
Ryan Calungsod
Ryan Calungsod Pirms 2 dienām
Jolena Lucas
Jolena Lucas Pirms 2 dienām
.. ._.. _ _ _ . . . _ . _ . _ _ _ _ _ . . _ this is " i love you" in morse code to show my appreciation For you O w O me kinda being mute i learned it ._.
•Cherry Bomb•
•Cherry Bomb• Pirms 2 dienām
bretman rock in the back: yUh, yUh, yuHHHHHH
Quill Human
Quill Human Pirms 2 dienām
Aw Sykkuno's joke was ignored lmao- That *was* a pretty good joke though.
Mia Lopez
Mia Lopez Pirms 3 dienām
My question is why is Brooke always trying to match with you ( doesn’t she has a boyfriend? ) she always is trying to get close to you.
Thesmile Guy
Thesmile Guy Pirms 3 dienām
His voice makes me have goosebumps dam his voice is scary man
Tef Pirms 3 dienām
isn't Bret like, rich? why is he the only one with an echo on his audio?
Gang gang Cockatoo
Gang gang Cockatoo Pirms 3 dienām
13:23 "corpse wasn't it so funny when I killed you in storage earlier, wasn't that so funny ?" "Oh really ?" **Proceeds to kill Brooke**
Calming Effect
Calming Effect Pirms 3 dienām
23:55 tina impression is spot on
Syeda Anisa Ali
Syeda Anisa Ali Pirms 3 dienām
his voice is dry
ACE VIPER PLAYZ Pirms 4 dienām
WHy 666 is it a devil number
Dwayne Hall
Dwayne Hall Pirms 4 dienām
Wait so for all the time they played with him he still gets away with kills even when he does it openly
L_A_U_ Y
L_A_U_ Y Pirms 4 dienām
The Irony of people that their entire livelihood solely exists as a direct result of capitalism, calling capitalism a social construct, the lack of self awareness of this generation, wow
ethen bettger
ethen bettger Pirms 4 dienām
Awwww i love his voicceeee but im 9
Stones Pirms 4 dienām
Among us is more like mafia but on one day.
Pay 2
Pay 2 Pirms 4 dienām
People simping over a desiess (I cant spell). It makes his voice deep. Weirdos :
Clumsy And Blurr Things
Clumsy And Blurr Things Pirms 4 dienām
Clyde Pirms 4 dienām
corpse is gay
Eldo Ca
Eldo Ca Pirms 4 dienām
Ludwig saying so many different variations of curse words was absolutely priceless 10:23
letctt Pirms 5 dienām
Corpse: oh no. he knows. ludwig knows Ludwig: *100% has no clue*
Adrian Johnson
Adrian Johnson Pirms 5 dienām
U deserve 200bp billion subs
Nathan TecH
Nathan TecH Pirms 5 dienām
Finish Him
MzVirgo Pirms 5 dienām
Started off like law and order
Hexler Pirms 5 dienām
He was like also: we have been drinking,I’m like sh**
kenma kozume
kenma kozume Pirms 5 dienām
no one: hafu sitting like L:
Fenn Pirms 5 dienām
17:30 even in the afterlife she cant escape the true hell of friends.....
iinoxxy Sloan
iinoxxy Sloan Pirms 5 dienām
"Well stop being such a bitch" Ash 2021
Zilla- Samsarah14
Zilla- Samsarah14 Pirms 5 dienām
Man back at it again with the big brain moves, 😂 I’m so cringey
Clara afton
Clara afton Pirms 6 dienām
The first round or something like that Sykunno and corpse had the same scarf XD and they were the impostors
KaeXD 2180
KaeXD 2180 Pirms 6 dienām
"Remember when i killed you in storage earlier? wasn't that so funny? XD" Corpse: oh really? :) I CANT STOP LAUGHING THE KARMA WAS SO AMAZING AHAHAHAHSHHSHS
Ken Todoroki
Ken Todoroki Pirms 6 dienām
Corpse, My cousin simps for you now
Ian Garza
Ian Garza Pirms 6 dienām
your voice makes me want to die
monet Pirms 6 dienām
my friend trisha likes your music it reminds her of the treefrogs at her old house in the rainforres she breeds cheetahs like in minecraft ilove philza minecraft
monet Pirms 6 dienām
im on mommys ipad imonmommys ipad she want me to stop watching you NEVER NEVER
RingotheDingo Pirms 6 dienām
Corpse should be a black metal singer.
kahvipaputyyppi Pirms 6 dienām
Everyone talking about corpse and not the video. Epic gameplay there, amazing impostering and great comedic value!
Annaleise Cummings
Annaleise Cummings Pirms 7 dienām
its Bretman singing for me XD
Noicle Pirms 7 dienām
Rae: Have you guys even been drinking? Hafu: *Proceeds to try to pour wine with the lid on*
Mr Emu
Mr Emu Pirms 7 dienām
13:30 was the moment I've now subscribed to Corpse, absolute savage my dear sir. I'm now dead from laughter lol
Ben Afton
Ben Afton Pirms 7 dienām
Hey one thing you can get more simps with you have a v tuber profile of Dabi for bnha
Brad C
Brad C Pirms 7 dienām
lol can someone tell me what the the joke "dragon" was
Peter Piccolo
Peter Piccolo Pirms 7 dienām
how do you meet people now adays
Willie Anderson
Willie Anderson Pirms 7 dienām
What does AFK mean? Like seriously. Tell me. Please
Willie Anderson
Willie Anderson Pirms 7 dienām
@• Renny playz • well now i just feel.silly Thank you
• Renny playz •
• Renny playz • Pirms 7 dienām
Idk if your serious but it means "away from keyboard"
lil CC
lil CC Pirms 7 dienām
Does corpse literally make a living off his voice alone?
STEVE THE PRO Pirms 8 dienām
*gets ad* Comments time!
I Have No Life
I Have No Life Pirms 8 dienām
Corpse, Sykunno, and Rae are the bloodthirstiest Imposters and I love it. 😆
oOoryley Pirms 8 dienām
Nice fucking clickbait
Miguel Espino
Miguel Espino Pirms 8 dienām
I miss the horror stories
ZFung Pirms 8 dienām
Pause at 21:48🤣
Kye Pirms 8 dienām
who else thinks corpse has a scary voice
Samuel Lester
Samuel Lester Pirms 8 dienām
"also, we were drinking." Immediately became a lot more interesting
Avocado Straw
Avocado Straw Pirms 8 dienām
Corpse, Thank you.
Prashik Pagare
Prashik Pagare Pirms 8 dienām
I just dont know why i love ur voice
CREEPPO Pirms 9 dienām
The voice yo
Donna Vecinal
Donna Vecinal Pirms 9 dienām
machi3663 Pirms 9 dienām
24:06 was that actually Brooke impersonating Tina because it was sooooo spot on. I'm still thinking it has to be Tina ohmygosh 😂
Led Astro
Led Astro Pirms 9 dienām
Corpse voice makes me look behind myself seesh
Dhruv Verma
Dhruv Verma Pirms 9 dienām
Lmao ASH 8:00 😂
Nihal Islam
Nihal Islam Pirms 9 dienām
He would be good at narrating horror stories
Buster Bonker
Buster Bonker Pirms 9 dienām
I can still sleep to his voice
Jessica Bruv
Jessica Bruv Pirms 9 dienām
Rae pretending to be drunk and “slurring” is annoying
Rimfire 82
Rimfire 82 Pirms 9 dienām
They should add some of these mods to the Game.
Bru A
Bru A Pirms 9 dienām
Just wanna say corpse you are a huge inspration for me keep up the good work!
Cameron C
Cameron C Pirms 9 dienām
8:00 YOOOO she didn't have to do Brooke like that LMFAOO
saifur Rahman
saifur Rahman Pirms 9 dienām
Show your Face ._.
Archit Sinha
Archit Sinha Pirms dienas
Bruh he made an entire fucking song about facing anxiety because of strangers wanting to see his face. Let him be! It's HIS choice.
devil3sixi yeah
devil3sixi yeah Pirms 5 dienām
Why should he
lilaGold_rose Pirms 9 dienām
Corpse your voice is so deep like oh my god
Xxsimp_here xX
Xxsimp_here xX Pirms 9 dienām
Can you make a video of you just talking and not doing anything
Yaira lee
Yaira lee Pirms 9 dienām
Feels amazing hearing corpse genuinely laughing with joy
Anaklusmos Pirms 9 dienām
10:22 lmao
•RileySparkles• Pirms 9 dienām
Wait! Really?
Padstomb Pirms 10 dienām
Corpse's voice helps me fall asleep
Jiaqi Hu
Jiaqi Hu Pirms 10 dienām
i clicked into this thinking it would be on the NEWS like corpse said but its clickbait :/
devil3sixi yeah
devil3sixi yeah Pirms 5 dienām
😂 😂 😂 😂
speeb Pirms 10 dienām
the intro is just like "here's the roles, btw we're drunk lmao"
•Little Devil•
•Little Devil• Pirms 10 dienām
Why did they vote sykunno!?!
Frostee Fyre
Frostee Fyre Pirms 10 dienām
Who is Abey Babey?
will Pirms 10 dienām
Praise bingus!!!!!
Chris V.B.
Chris V.B. Pirms 10 dienām
17:21 *Dream stans anger intensifies*
Ryan H
Ryan H Pirms 10 dienām
three scary stories: 1. corpse is now an amoung us channel
Asdfizzle Pirms 10 dienām
17:40 so cute XD
Lola Fields
Lola Fields Pirms 10 dienām
The lively suggestion putatively sneeze because tadpole postmeiotically bore via a lavish certification. barbarous, xenophobic pin
exiled reaper
exiled reaper Pirms 10 dienām
Corpse did you sell your soul for that voice?
devil3sixi yeah
devil3sixi yeah Pirms 5 dienām
Wtf dude
Kira Ford
Kira Ford Pirms 11 dienām
is it bad i was just listing to ur on hour song
Coco DaMe
Coco DaMe Pirms 11 dienām
Sorry guys, but can we just take a second to see how pretty Tina is? Like omg🥺❤️
Hannah Walmer
Hannah Walmer Pirms 11 dienām
So, was this clickbait?
hannah makiji
hannah makiji Pirms 11 dienām
8:47 Bretman HAHAHAH
ADAGAZY Pirms 11 dienām
i can hear dragon 😂😂
munnin raveneye
munnin raveneye Pirms 11 dienām
Bro id love to play a game with you guys lmk how my name is drypear on among us
Ungrim Reaper
Ungrim Reaper Pirms 11 dienām
1:57 Everyone:just cut it out Corpse:adds cool effect
TheSniper1300 YT
TheSniper1300 YT Pirms 11 dienām
Corpse=v tuber
Amerie Rios
Amerie Rios Pirms 11 dienām
24:07 can we talk about how good Brooke’s Tina impression was?
wildhorses runfree
wildhorses runfree Pirms 11 dienām
I had to re-watch this, too funny!
I spent a day with CORPSE HUSBAND
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