(I Wasn’t Supposed To Hear This) We Found A Secret Conversation on This Tape... 

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Things are starting to get more serious now. After having to listen to the tape they found in the Mountaineer, the team is very curious as to what other secrets it might be hiding. They leave it in the very capable hands of Michael Badal to try and sort through what he can, while they head over to Reddit to recap as well as see if the audience found anything odd about it from the last video. However, circling back around to the former, they do indeed uncover some secrets hidden behind the the initial sounds of torment and fear, buried deep in the background. But, even if it wasn't what they first expected to the find, it does provide a few answers that they needed.
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27 feb 2021






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Izabella Tom
Izabella Tom Pirms 7 Stundām
Them: * talking about cliffhangers * Me who watches everything late: heh
Nolan Keesee
Nolan Keesee Pirms 2 dienām
Sad thing is they ignored the comment about the watch actually reading 843 or 853 wasn’t actually 863 and they took it for more theory
Gabriel Alvis
Gabriel Alvis Pirms 4 dienām
And also don’t key Matt’s Tesla what did the Tesla do to you Sam? LoL 😂. His Tesla model’s x are my favorite.
Gabriel Alvis
Gabriel Alvis Pirms 4 dienām
Sam got super mad it was so funny.
Liam MacDonald
Liam MacDonald Pirms 5 dienām
Chose your side
Blue Oblivion
Blue Oblivion Pirms 5 dienām
Why did the tape with only vocal sound like it was a netflix show
p l u s u l t r a YT
p l u s u l t r a YT Pirms 6 dienām
THEORY: the beeping was a bomb, that kept getting faster and faster. The drill noise at the end could have been the explosion. Which it why people were screaming (I'lledit this once I finish the video)
Jack Edelstein
Jack Edelstein Pirms 7 dienām
You know how the texts were saying I need things to survive what if what ever was in those vials is what he needed to like get better or something like that
TheLionInc Pirms 7 dienām
Sam is like a detective. XD
jay smith
jay smith Pirms 8 dienām
Here me out what if Nelson is trying to take everything you guys found to maybe to keep you guy safe from D........ because D sent you the emulator which gave you so much information ..... Nelson wants it because if you guy keep look though it yall will be in danger...... now with the tape what if the girl was D..... D is trying to "kill" or to get rid of Nelson .... Nelson wanted you to find the tape to show you how bad D is and to show you that maybe he the good guy........ also what if D made Nelson like that were he has to inject the serum because D is trying to "kill" or get rid of him...... I think D is that bad guy and Nelson is the good guy........ I'm so sorry if this didn't make sense
Levi Franz
Levi Franz Pirms 8 dienām
When Sam said "I read the first one as meat school" I literally did the same thing!
Lukas Furmanek
Lukas Furmanek Pirms 8 dienām
Guys that girl may be “d” Nelson said “d” is a girl
emely perez
emely perez Pirms 9 dienām
a small demon
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark Pirms 10 dienām
This is all just a story
Derek Beck
Derek Beck Pirms 11 dienām
D is a female so what if that is d talking
Kendall Klein
Kendall Klein Pirms 13 dienām
Sithes mite be good 😌. If you connect everything he what’s you to get the stuff. He mite be warning ⚠️ you guys!
Kendall Klein
Kendall Klein Pirms 13 dienām
Geez Same I mean Sam. XD
FranJavier Pirms 14 dienām
Got here from randomly finding the night investigation and then got hooked up watching all this stuff. And after watching last and this video, maybe the stuff the happened at night on those videos that you all stayed, maybe is the presence of the people that were on the experiments
Playable Pirms 15 dienām
That female from the tape might be -D cus Nelson and D have a lot of drama in there past and D is a female
L Roberts
L Roberts Pirms 15 dienām
There’s no way I could do what mike does. Round of applause for him 👏👏
Alisha Fero
Alisha Fero Pirms 18 dienām
When they were talking to Mike and Matt thought he saw the Syntec logo, my first thought "So while everyone was sussing Woods, they should have been sussing Mike the whole time 😱"
Cody Brown
Cody Brown Pirms 20 dienām
Add every thing together it's an operating system 863 is the kernel bus add overkill game file transfer everything to x86 even the audio files
Anonymous Pirms 20 dienām
33:43 Matt: What is this place!? My sister: Hi welcome to Chili's
Teaghans Mystery Life
Teaghans Mystery Life Pirms 20 dienām
Am I the on,y on that wishes Sam and woods were together
Teaghans Mystery Life
Teaghans Mystery Life Pirms 20 dienām
Wait it was Enter purposes only best ruined everything for me it’s upsetting me I thought it was real or am I just dumb
Dean Gust
Dean Gust Pirms 22 dienām
This is too scary for me to watch this and it's scares me in my life for no reason
Blackout Gaming113
Blackout Gaming113 Pirms 22 dienām
If someone can send this out to Reddit because I don't have Reddit but the murder plot might be the fire that where they got the documents from that had the burn marks
xavoron Pirms 23 dienām
Maybe Syphus 590 isn't Nelson Syphus or not under Nelson's influence, maybe it is someone impersonating him
Giraffe Lover
Giraffe Lover Pirms 23 dienām
Can we all take a moment to appreciate how nice Sam's hair looks in this vid
pog gers
pog gers Pirms 24 dienām
anyone else catch that glitch at 33:37?
pog gers
pog gers Pirms 24 dienām
anyone else catch that glitch at 33:37?
Enoch Crypt
Enoch Crypt Pirms 26 dienām
That’s why there’s ghost 👻 haha just kidding
Lil Blue Fire
Lil Blue Fire Pirms 26 dienām
theory: John Doe and -D are working together to stop nelson but nelson is acting like he doesn't know that they are trying to kill him but nelson is trying to prove that he is the good one because it even says she is manipulative and so she's forcing him to do what he is doing while making Matt and them think nelson is the bad one so they can help John Doe and -D get rid of him for some kind of plan but they all got mad at each other and went away making nelson think they aren't talking but they are making a plan to get rid of him so John Doe can take his place so by taking this recording probably made by -D is proving they want to work with Matt and they told nelson to tell Matt ab that tape that he doesn't even know about for a plan to "stop him" but -D is acting weird as it says in last sentence "I've never seen you like this D" so John Doe has to figure out what the real reason why -D wants to kill nelson.. this is very long
Hector Rivera
Hector Rivera Pirms 27 dienām
What if that lady was d and that’s why he’s mad and helping you guys
mrkrabs butinstyle
mrkrabs butinstyle Pirms 27 dienām
Charles Banak
Charles Banak Pirms 27 dienām
“STOP CALLING ME SAMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
lepayen Pirms 27 dienām
Your handwriting can differ depending on how fast you write, stress, etc. However, there's always habitual things you do when writing that rarely change unless you purposefully try to change it, and so people can analyze and see if the same person wrote it or not. No matter when you write your signature, it'll still look like your signature even if it varies slightly.
Destqnyy Pirms 27 dienām
Video: does not include what the last line said Me: WAIT WHAG DID IT SAY
Adam Jones
Adam Jones Pirms 29 dienām
Right when "Samantha Sayed my life is not feeling stuck" she winked lol
XD Pirms 29 dienām
I want the link for the RX thingy please.
LoneSurvivor VR
LoneSurvivor VR Pirms 29 dienām
you need to buy a gun if hes a murderer
Tyty_ 757
Tyty_ 757 Pirms 29 dienām
That scream was Nelson’s son screaming and that’s why a person broke in and injected him self with stuff in the valve
jose sanchez
jose sanchez Pirms Mēneša
The lady talking is D cause he said D is a girl
Quinn Roberts
Quinn Roberts Pirms Mēneša
When you said "Quinn you'll know what to do" I freaked out for a sec bc I thought you were talking to me💀
Hollow Call
Hollow Call Pirms Mēneša
Eva Batman
Eva Batman Pirms Mēneša
When Mike said this is in Gotham City I literally yelled yes it is I am here it is Gotham City I am Batman
Heidi Hemenway
Heidi Hemenway Pirms Mēneša
Did anyone loose track on what video they have and have not watched ..
Sergio Montero
Sergio Montero Pirms Mēneša
Honestly listening to this during work, and hearing the little Slack ringtone through Mike's computer shook me a bit lol
Galaxy _ animation fox
Galaxy _ animation fox Pirms Mēneša
Oldsmokey Pirms Mēneša
I'm going to assume that the 8:06.03 is when whatever incident happened at the lab and either some sort of explosion or something is what stopped the watch. So there might be an emergency response keyed at that time as well. Which might be traceable.
MrMUFFINman 27
MrMUFFINman 27 Pirms Mēneša
I feel like green subtitle lady sounds like jessie from toy story
Brianna Hinrickson
Brianna Hinrickson Pirms Mēneša
THE GIRL IS D!! D is contacting you because D is a she as we know now and is against Syphus’s work the things he’s doing. NO WONDER D WAS CONTACTING YOU!! She is still wanting to shut him down. I’m late I know I just am binging the episodes I’m missing.
Alyssa Emberless
Alyssa Emberless Pirms Mēneša
i think nelson wants u to find the tape because he wants to hear the two person's plan
Jackson Greer
Jackson Greer Pirms Mēneša
“She” in the tape is probably D
Rosa Figueroa Benson
Rosa Figueroa Benson Pirms Mēneša
Ok why did I think about the logs in the apple 2 that the guy is B13 and D talking on the computer why did I think of that when I heard what they where talking about
The Magic Brae Girls
The Magic Brae Girls Pirms Mēneša
what if nelson made you listen to the tape to debunk it and figure out what they said about him also debunking the text saying i need these to survive/live ya know probably no help but yea
Harsh Patel
Harsh Patel Pirms Mēneša
Nelson Syphus has a YT channel and it is scary.
girijadevi mk
girijadevi mk Pirms Mēneša
33:38 what happened to the camera
Frez Pirms Mēneša
Am I the only one who think this Syphus : u want to know who D is ? Well u can get that "D" later 🥴
Kilaarts by Kimberly
Kilaarts by Kimberly Pirms Mēneša
great show
attatt_awsome Pirms Mēneša
The girl I's D
petition for mike to remix it and publish it
Amber Junkins
Amber Junkins Pirms Mēneša
Is my phone just bad or when matt was reading reddit did you guys see Sam's face glitch.
chanel garcia
chanel garcia Pirms Mēneša
Maybe he wanted you to hear the tape to prove that you can trust him and not D, because i feel like the girl in the conversation was D
Jose Llamas
Jose Llamas Pirms Mēneša
Who else get FNaF VR vibes???
Bank Boy
Bank Boy Pirms Mēneša
My guess female voice is D and the other voice is John Doe if John Doe isnt D possibly someone else
Beth Camp
Beth Camp Pirms Mēneša
Is it just me or does the show seem more scripted the more episodes they put out...
Natalie Marucchi
Natalie Marucchi Pirms Mēneša
it d!!!!!!!
ivyb3880 ivyb3880
ivyb3880 ivyb3880 Pirms Mēneša
what if the girl talking is D!!
patryk plays
patryk plays Pirms Mēneša
im at 22 min but what if the studio was used for the experiment on the voice screaming
Garytheostrichesnew Aka- Angelo.
Hi Sammy!
Cassandra helen
Cassandra helen Pirms Mēneša
Anyone else think it sounds like Connor?
Daily Laugh
Daily Laugh Pirms Mēneša
The girl talking in the tape is D
A n g e l
A n g e l Pirms Mēneša
Nelson said that d was a woman.. so could that possibly be d?
R3ddlif33 Pirms Mēneša
Sorry samtr
JOEY ESSARY Pirms Mēneša
Matt: We wont have to hide in the shadows anymore. Audience: We wont have to hide in his shadow anymore!!!!!!!!
Wymaster Pirms Mēneša
The other day on Spotify and yes i don't have premium I got a syntech ad
Jbbguad Pirms Mēneša
Mike is an og
I can’t think Of a username
What if the founder of syntech gone cra cra and murdered sombody...
I can’t think Of a username
I wait until there’s like 3 vids out so I don’t get cliff hangers 👍🏻👍🏻
Beverlyann Mcgill
Beverlyann Mcgill Pirms Mēneša
theory: the man in the tape is the other co founder we'll call him john. and D is the woman. D and john are trying to stop nelson because the "dream" they originally had is now getting out of control. D and john are successful act pushing nelson off the company and then they sell the units to Matt but now D is realizing that they aren't safe and the only way they will leave this thing alone is if they have all the information they need so she gave it to them in the form of the emulator cause she new that they had the key because she is watching the videos plus she also knows that there is an apple 2 under the stairs because that is where she worked and D is trying to help them out of a very dark hole.
Jillie Stanley
Jillie Stanley Pirms Mēneša
I know I'm behind, but did C.J leave Hi-5?
Sumeet Pirms Mēneša
We all know that this story isn’t real right?
Marie Pilant
Marie Pilant Pirms Mēneša
I mean, "get rid of him" can easily mean get him out of the company.
Jose Pina
Jose Pina Pirms Mēneša
What if the woman talking in the tape is D.
Marie Pilant
Marie Pilant Pirms Mēneša
Thank you for the sub titles Quinn!
Sam Bennett
Sam Bennett Pirms Mēneša
Hey I’m saying the screaming may not be tourtureing people it could be someone covering the conversation so you don’t hear it
Sam Bennett
Sam Bennett Pirms Mēneša
So they may not be “getting rid” of the person screaming
I feel bad for woods he hasn’t looked ok sense this happened
Sandy Salinas
Sandy Salinas Pirms Mēneša
Maybe the meaning of protect you some how is to save the Male voice from Nelson's corruption
josh4fun Pirms Mēneša
Did my LVlocal glitch or did Sam get blurry during reddit and the recording at the end?
737- Aviation
737- Aviation Pirms Mēneša
7:09. Woods looked genuinely concerned about touching the mic
Thethian 1050
Thethian 1050 Pirms Mēneša
If woods left and Sam is infront of the cam who is recording?
Gwen Walker
Gwen Walker Pirms Mēneša
and this all started with 1 key!!!
Giovanni` Camacho
Giovanni` Camacho Pirms Mēneša
Alexandru Henegariu
Alexandru Henegariu Pirms Mēneša
Wait is this real
maria bakugo midoriya-todoroki
it's D the girl you can hear is D she's was the closest to Nelson
Jessie Abbott
Jessie Abbott Pirms Mēneša
Bruce Got the juice
Bruce Got the juice Pirms Mēneša
What if the woman’s voice is “D”? In the texts Syphus referred to D as “her”
Bruce Got the juice
Bruce Got the juice Pirms Mēneša
Idk, Michael shrugged off working for Syntec too fast 🤔🤔🤔
Mr Inbearable
Mr Inbearable Pirms Mēneša
D is a girl right! Then the women could be D.
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