I Never Meant For You To See This... 

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Due to the numerous posts on Reddit and LVlocal bringing attention to the Mountaineer in the previous video uploaded, Matthias takes some time to explain to the audience (you) as to why exactly it was in that shot and how much footage actually gets shot at the studio on a daily basis. Then, some never-before-seen video evidence that was never intended to be shown to the public is revealed, as a way of tying those loose ends together and offering some clear answers.
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00:00 - Big OOPS -
Matt gets down to the nitty gritty and starts the video explaining why this video is being posted as well as shedding some light on all the attention this small detail got from within the community.
02:39 - He's Always Recording... -
Along with a small example of what kind of footage is intentionally (for numerous reasons) left on the cutting room floor, the very beginning of this journey starts here: get ready for it.
04:57 - A Decision Was Made -
After taking some time to cool down from the tense situation that was shown in the previous video, Matt decides that the best thing to do at that moment in time is to retrieve the Mountaineer, despite what he said before.
07:37 - How Much Do You Know? -
While on their way back to the Spooky House, Matt fills his co-pilot--Bailey--in on everything that's REALLY been happening at the studio concerning the break-in the previous night and how the Mountaineer plays into it all.
10:29 - Look At All Those Files! -
In order to give some weight to exactly how much footage Matt has on hand, he gives a peek at some videos that are just sitting on his computer, as well as taking some time to reminisce about the past.
13:42 - They Arrive... -
Matt and Bailey make it back to where the Mountaineer was left and take a "leisurely" stroll to the Spooky House in order to pick it up.
15:56 - She Still Lives -
A nagging fear that the Mountaineer might not start up is quickly relieved and the two of them are finally on their way out of the creepy canyon and back to the safety of the studio.
17:44 - Storage Options? -
Once the car is back at the studio, it's once again the question of where exactly it should be stored and/or parked that's safe for the studio as well as safe for the Mountaineer itself. Matt and Woods also reconnect and go over the next steps concerning the car, as well as what to do with the footage.
20:01 - Final Words -
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31 dec 2020






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Element Pirms Mēneša
Random person: How was this year for you? Matt: Well it all started when
alhashmi 22
alhashmi 22 Pirms Mēneša
Thinks and how was ur
Nub King
Nub King Pirms Mēneša
@Eli Semari where u come from btw. Why ur police like trash bruhhhhhhh
Jona Briggs
Jona Briggs Pirms Mēneša
Lars Melander
Lars Melander Pirms Mēneša
My was good
ɪᴇᴜᴀɴ ʙᴇᴠᴀɴ
@TheAmazingJimmy ya thats his number plate to start
Francesca Morley
Francesca Morley Pirms 4 dienām
So why did he bring it back ....
Miyamoto D. Guts
Miyamoto D. Guts Pirms 4 dienām
Am I the only one that thinks Bailey looks like Anne Hathaway?
Damyan Scannell
Damyan Scannell Pirms 6 dienām
At 15:25 you can see some one in the background or is it spray paint on the wall?
Zhiane derence Esguerra
Zhiane derence Esguerra Pirms 6 dienām
why do you sound like batman when you talk about stalker
Jaden Drawdy
Jaden Drawdy Pirms 8 dienām
Soooooo what is the black thing on the passenger side sun visor. Also did y’all look in the sunglasses compartment??
Hakeem Yuel Francisco
Hakeem Yuel Francisco Pirms 8 dienām
15:48-15:50 black suit guy standing in front of them.
Kitzella Pirms 9 dienām
What about the Tesla tho, did u bring it back?
Kitzella Pirms 9 dienām
Me lowkey worried about what this video is about because of the title and the segment names... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
rmqm Pirms 11 dienām
At this point i think this might be an ad for companies to stop using those fob things
Brooklyn Benoit
Brooklyn Benoit Pirms 13 dienām
12:57 verbal diarrhea sounds so funny 😂🤣
Yvette Gittens
Yvette Gittens Pirms 16 dienām
Its woods
Yvette Gittens
Yvette Gittens Pirms 16 dienām
Its woods
Sean DiRuggiero
Sean DiRuggiero Pirms 20 dienām
Any one realise that at 12:57 matthias says verbal diarea
what for my trash youtube name plz help
There's a man in the background
Health with Charles
Health with Charles Pirms 24 dienām
It can't be just me that thinks the stalker is tanner. Like the build of the stalker is the same as tanners so. Just saying this because you were accusing Woods but. Idk
Paola Mares
Paola Mares Pirms 25 dienām
Mattis the tracker the dude could have cuneked the tracker to his phone
Ol Jab
Ol Jab Pirms 28 dienām
Matt please be careful because you could be a target for knowing too much info about them...
John Swine
John Swine Pirms 28 dienām
the third of dec is my birthday
alhashmi 22
alhashmi 22 Pirms Mēneša
Maeby woods frieand in highschool and thats wyes his in volved
Granny Grams
Granny Grams Pirms Mēneša
Where’s Tanner ? I think it’s him playing the stalker role
Christian Kirbo
Christian Kirbo Pirms Mēneša
Poyo poyo poyo Poyo
MrSir Pirms Mēneša
So what is the black box clipped to the other visor????
MrSir Pirms Mēneša
Speak to think, I do it all of the time. It helps immensely, Matt.
MrSir Pirms Mēneša
Stopped 8:59 Well, so engrossed in last video, I didn't even see the Mountaineer, until I went back and looked. The eyes do indeed deceive thee.
Aaron Baughman
Aaron Baughman Pirms Mēneša
I'm rewatching this almost a month later, and I noticed something I didn't pay attention to before. If you look at the passenger visor at 19:07 there is something hanging on it. Is that a garage door opener, or a tracking device or something? I'm not sure if it's something that Matthias put in the SUV, or if it's something put there by Syphus. It just looks a little suspicious to me. Anyone else notice this before?
Kolby Beachner
Kolby Beachner Pirms Mēneša
i dont get the oopsie i get he left the car but what is the never wanted you to see this or ment for you to see this like did i miss something
Mouree Mou
Mouree Mou Pirms Mēneša
bro you just showed ur license plate.... 17:31
Mouree Mou
Mouree Mou Pirms Mēneša
Well stalker might steal his car DAng why did I comment
CaptainKill Pirms Mēneša
Doesn't really matter
Dogloversoljah :3
Dogloversoljah :3 Pirms Mēneša
Can we just praise the editors for a second..?
oleg derkach
oleg derkach Pirms Mēneša
Honestly I would like to have hour long video
tpgriff Pirms Mēneša
I'm just catching up on this series and am curious what is clipped to the passenger sunviser. To farfetched to think it's a camera?
Nshultz2017 Blitz
Nshultz2017 Blitz Pirms Mēneša
Well good job cause I saw the abandoned car 1st look on live premiere today (not on live) while outside Hi5 Studios which it was a big mistake there.
raspberry Pirms Mēneša
10:53 of going through the key box from a couple months ago, the American key is shown. I thought this might be good to share because just in case to be safe be a little wary. I mean obviously something hasn’t happened yet cause you haven’t updated but this might be helpful if you haven’t gotten a lot of new info rn. Best of luck! Ps. The video is the key that leads to the mountaineer
Miranda Radcliffe
Miranda Radcliffe Pirms Mēneša
15:47 - 15:50 is that a person or a tree in the top left corner?
CaptainKill Pirms Mēneša
I don't see it lol.
Enderia Music
Enderia Music Pirms Mēneša
Soph Cinalli
Soph Cinalli Pirms Mēneša
wait right before he gets in the care in the distant i front of the car u can see someone a figure standing watching then get into the car
Vikki Garner
Vikki Garner Pirms Mēneša
from 15:25 to 15:29 there's a brown figure and it moves from in shot to off shot. I got seriously spooked.
CaptainKill Pirms Mēneša
Wait where
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Pirms Mēneša
Ok I feel like I should just ask this and see if I get any answers is this real or just a little like series I want to know because I thought it was just a series in the beginning then I thought it was real then I thought series again then real now idk 🤔
Junior Sanchez
Junior Sanchez Pirms Mēneša
if he had the keys how did the stalker started it up
BruinsFan Pirms Mēneša
The tracker looks like a hockey puck lol.
BruinsFan Pirms Mēneša
Lowkey didn’t even notice the car. 😆
Ben Grant
Ben Grant Pirms Mēneša
Wheres the green!!!
5 MicMurphys
5 MicMurphys Pirms Mēneša
in the car engin
5 MicMurphys
5 MicMurphys Pirms Mēneša
tack out spork plog
Abraham A
Abraham A Pirms Mēneša
If this is real he probably knows the safe number and probably used the door has a trap 100% hack into it
Ethan Sheldrick
Ethan Sheldrick Pirms Mēneša
this whole thing gets me shook and it seems that the reason that no one has been actually hurt is because they're youtubers, which means they have cameras everywhere
Bsqui20 Pirms Mēneša
8:38 “What I didn’t tell was that- Me: gets an add
Midget Nation
Midget Nation Pirms Mēneša
the car has a GTO garage key
Tate Pickens
Tate Pickens Pirms Mēneša
does anyone else see a figure standing in the background at 15:51 by the big bush? it’s probably nothing because i would assumed Matt and Bailey would’ve seen it. really spooky, but most likely nothing.
Enderia Music
Enderia Music Pirms Mēneša
@Tate Pickens i thought that too! but honestly Woods did say it was a hotspot for teenagers, so for all we know it could be a random teen
Tate Pickens
Tate Pickens Pirms Mēneša
@Enderia Music had to have been Syphus. prolly was coming back for the car or heard them but couldn’t do anything about it since they were already in the car starting it
Enderia Music
Enderia Music Pirms Mēneša
I zoomed in, definetly a person, it took a step forward when i slowed it down
Ginger Rickman
Ginger Rickman Pirms Mēneša
okay I may be Trippin but at 15:521 does it not look like a person figure in the background (look in between the opened driver door and the actual car itself) does it not look like a personal figure or am I Trippin... it could be a dead tree tho or bush
Sienna Harris
Sienna Harris Pirms Mēneša
matt you need to fix your editing cause you can see your liesnce plate and someone put a time stamp to help you but people can pause the video and copy it down thought i'd let you know
CaptainKill Pirms Mēneša
License plate doesn't matter.
Ethan Cash
Ethan Cash Pirms Mēneša
Shouldn’t you have checked for cameras in the car
Ethan Cash
Ethan Cash Pirms Mēneša
Like the camera you found under the stairs
crazymemes gr
crazymemes gr Pirms Mēneša
Can you tell me where did you bought the tracker
Yung Pops05
Yung Pops05 Pirms Mēneša
Did anyone else notice the weird black square on the inside roof of the mountaineer 19:32
Yung Pops05
Yung Pops05 Pirms Mēneša
Could be a tracker
Teagan Groulx
Teagan Groulx Pirms Mēneša
I was watching all of the ideas out of order so I did not know but I did I see it
《{ALEC GAMING}》 Pirms Mēneša
the views 666k oh god
Jordan Olivier
Jordan Olivier Pirms Mēneša
Anybody see that the car in the dead zone has no strike 1 on it
what Italian called #knightion looks like
Bruh you look my teacher
Wookiemellon Pirms Mēneša
18:56 whats taped to the car by the sunglass container dont know what it is
Connor Typical
Connor Typical Pirms Mēneša
Can you try checking the abandon house for anything?
FortniteChicken72 Pirms Mēneša
This is weird. But I understand Matt Good luck and be safe
Whaathelost Pirms Mēneša
19:10 is that a cam on the passengers side visor of the car?
Zebra Rook
Zebra Rook Pirms Mēneša
I wondering the thing to get in I forgot what it was Called but if it says sypus still then he has multiple knobs and it seem like the black stuff doesn’t harm humans or he would be dead and we have things about him like he has incredible speed but his weight did change he was a little fatter when he injected him self and he has to have some kind of medic thing so he can leave no blood but still injected him self.
Konagh Hayward
Konagh Hayward Pirms Mēneša
nolans car?????
Mr sauce
Mr sauce Pirms Mēneša
Is this actually real
The gas pump of the car was open. So he could have wanted someting in there
Shyam Narshana
Shyam Narshana Pirms Mēneša
I love how Mathias just lets anyone drive his car
Gaming with Sackett78
Gaming with Sackett78 Pirms Mēneša
I'm Really Confused rn
craig hopkins
craig hopkins Pirms Mēneša
Did anyone else see the person in black clothes when he handed her the camera
craig hopkins
craig hopkins Pirms Mēneša
It’s at about 15:47 sec
KaawiiTV Pirms Mēneša
Bro... it’s 6am... I can’t stop watching these lmao
it's my Bro
it's my Bro Pirms Mēneša
did you guys check the storage that the camera is pointing at in the frames storage options ? its just a thought but what if there is still more stuff in the care ?
Rainbowslurpy5 Pirms Mēneša
I might be seeing things but it looked like the driver side window was completely intact
Jacky - BrawlStars
Jacky - BrawlStars Pirms Mēneša
That one lucky guy got a front row ticket to a live encounter
Kez Scotcher
Kez Scotcher Pirms Mēneša
Lai Kwan
Lai Kwan Pirms Mēneša
I dont think you could call this music
Adam Rafique Akmal Mansor
way to start the new year
Ceis Parz
Ceis Parz Pirms Mēneša
Well technically it's 3 years now
Simplicity Pirms Mēneša
15:50 top left is that a person of a mail box or something
Heather Larson
Heather Larson Pirms Mēneša
I was literally going through the comments to see if anyone else saw it or if it was just me
Mackenzie Schaaff
Mackenzie Schaaff Pirms Mēneša
Yea I saw that to
TheLlamaGirlPlays Roblox
Me: watches the whole video Also me: still doesn’t get the Oopsie he made
Gerardo Lopez
Gerardo Lopez Pirms Mēneša
@Lovely ASMR Big oopsie was that he went to get the car back but he did not want the stalker to know so that he thinks someone just stole it. But, he accidentally showed it in the video and now he knows they still have the car.
Lovely ASMR
Lovely ASMR Pirms Mēneša
Addyson Gray
Addyson Gray Pirms Mēneša
At 19:53 what is the black thing on the viser?
Johannes Waldner
Johannes Waldner Pirms Mēneša
Atlas Gaming
Atlas Gaming Pirms Mēneša
So u has to get the car cuz of legal reasons and also U SHOULDOVE taken it anyway because he could go back and use it.
MultiMotionz Pirms Mēneša
I know what that thing was that you found in the little mini safe that had the chemicals if you ask your Siri what am I about to say show me a picture of an injection and then it brings up that same gun thing
Mr Mustachieo
Mr Mustachieo Pirms Mēneša
Great series.. keep it up..
Brenilla Pirms Mēneša
Hope this is an arng thing, if so it’s 9/10 storytelling so far. But good luck and best of wishes if it ain’t
Ryanッ Pirms Mēneša
Anyone thinks it’s cj bc when he left at the steak out woods probs would of left his fob in the van and when cj left the stalker cam so I think it’s cj
Riley Bardwell
Riley Bardwell Pirms Mēneša
Were you not worried about a car bomb??
emma skipp
emma skipp Pirms Mēneša
is it me or at 15:51 does that thing in the background look like a person.
Bacon drip king
Bacon drip king Pirms Mēneša
i think its one off woods friends
Matt, I think you should investigate the house with graffiti, because I think thats a chop shop by the way if my idea was right like this comment
some where ovee the rainbow
18:23 top left of the screen what is it To me it would almost look like a garage door opener or tracker
Christian Joyce
Christian Joyce Pirms Mēneša
Petition for Matt to post all of his inner monologues (yes I call them inner monologue because that sounds fancier)
River Βαρνεττ
River Βαρνεττ Pirms Mēneša
Did anyone notice the gate opener on the visor of the car? Like the little grey box normally opens garage doors
Josh Brodie
Josh Brodie Pirms Mēneša
What's the lil black thing on the passenger visor
Karli C
Karli C Pirms Mēneša
There was a man watching you next to a white car...
Undead Pirms Mēneša
This is al acted right?
get In It for Truth
get In It for Truth Pirms Mēneša
Frightening, to know, that corps like Hi5 can manipulate millions of kids so easily. Scary stuff here, but it's not the poorly written script...it's their modus operandi which is troubling. There's a reason you can't stage crimes and stuff like this on regular television: because THAT has been illegal for a long time now. You don't mess with kids' minds. ThemTube doesn't have these safeguards for children yet, and they should. How easy it is for a scummy Corp like Hi5, or ANY of them in LA, to increasingly make it more difficult for children to distinguish reality from fiction. Predators abound on ThemTube. Be careful, kids, these people, especially at greedy, hungry, thirsty Hi5, they would sell your grandma for a dime if you give them the chance
Ori Pirms Mēneša
wait so did all of this really happen lol i am dumb
Just_KillerBLOX Gaming
Just_KillerBLOX Gaming Pirms Mēneša
Oh my god they project zorgoed us
it's good to record your thoughts bc when u get older u have somthing to look back on and stuff like that
Reaper Studios yt
Reaper Studios yt Pirms Mēneša
He’s in his recording faze
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