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Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year: Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics. www.BostonDynamics.com.

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29 dec 2020






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Mohammed Azad
Mohammed Azad Pirms Stundas
The fact that they made robots dance better than me
Ben Tollefson
Ben Tollefson Pirms Stundas
I feel like I’m watching a really high graphic animation....
devolutionone *
devolutionone * Pirms Stundas
Fools, wake up! Those are your future oppressors.
Jaxer Tube
Jaxer Tube Pirms Stundas
drackpower Pirms 3 Stundām
Imagine how advanced those robots are already this is only what they showed us, they are like 10 years ahead from the day this video was released.
jamesblunt006 Pirms 5 Stundām
Holy effing scheiseballs.
Zappa Duck
Zappa Duck Pirms 5 Stundām
BeatdownRevival Pirms 5 Stundām
100% Excellent!!!
Kyle Sutter
Kyle Sutter Pirms 6 Stundām
I wanna be downloaded into this and live forever.
Rick Pirms 7 Stundām
You should send these Fxcking things to mars so we can terraform mars
Jaybo arts
Jaybo arts Pirms 3 Stundām
So many reasons why that wont work, but it will possibly indeed be interesting to see that happen.
DYNAMO Pirms 7 Stundām
Pawel Sutkowski
Pawel Sutkowski Pirms 8 Stundām
Stop stop stop das kann doch nicht wirklich sein einfach nur WooooW👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Kardinian Pirms 10 Stundām
Oh c'est trop chaud wsh jvais m'en acheter un mdr
Екатерина Бессараб
Когда роботы танцуют лучше, чем я😅
Connie Gallant
Connie Gallant Pirms 12 Stundām
OMG! I have not laughed so hard in years! These robots dance much better than many people I know - an absolutely great song for these guys to show their prowess! Thank you!
Pamela S.
Pamela S. Pirms 7 Stundām
This video has been making me smile since upload!😁😁😁😁😁
Tom Decuca
Tom Decuca Pirms 12 Stundām
Incredible! I want one!
Dennis Pirms 8 Stundām
@Flargarbason I expected it to cost a lot more, but I can't afford it
Flargarbason Pirms 8 Stundām
@Dennis yeah, they’re expensive, but what do you expect? They’re robots
Dennis Pirms 12 Stundām
$74,500.00 ;-(
Long Din
Long Din Pirms 12 Stundām
John Blackman
John Blackman Pirms 13 Stundām
v2.1 of our new overlords. Tame them with dancing
ProfJorge Zab
ProfJorge Zab Pirms 14 Stundām
Genial Felicitaciones para todos los Ingenieros que han logrado estos avances. Ojala mis alumnos un dia lleguen a poder programar los PLCs de esta manera tal Genial.
홍성우 Pirms 14 Stundām
Can you dance over You Can't Touch This?
ismail ünal
ismail ünal Pirms 14 Stundām
Bunlar yakında bir yerlerimizi kesmek için gelirler
jlpland Pirms 14 Stundām
Anybody can confirm me ??? Is this real ?
Flargarbason Pirms 8 Stundām
It is, in fact, real. Boston Dynamics is a robotics and engineering company. These are some of their actual robots, Atlas, Spot, and Handle. The programming doesn’t look too complex compared to what these robots have done in other videos.
Avus Pirms 12 Stundām
Why shouldn't it be real ... there is no interaction between human and robot shown, which is much more complicated. If three humans dance (one behaves like a dog), cyber clothing with sensors can record all movements. The movement data can then be filtered, compiled and played back to the robots. It's also possible that this was real time with dancing of three humans, and the data was simply transferred to the robots by WiFi or an radio. But i don't believe this, because Spot (the 'dog') made some very precise movements and stays exactly in position, so this seem to be predefined routines, which are triggered be roughly the same movements of a cyber cloth wearing human. So it's not exactly real time, but close.
Doğukan Duman
Doğukan Duman Pirms 13 Stundām
@jlpland well, lets say we see :)
ProfJorge Zab
ProfJorge Zab Pirms 14 Stundām
Si mister esto es real. Boston Dinamics lleva años trabajando para lograrlo. FELICITACIONES AGAIN
jlpland Pirms 14 Stundām
@Doğukan Duman I hope u were programed whit three robotic laws: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. ... A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.
Severus Snape
Severus Snape Pirms 14 Stundām
Humans changing to robots, robots changing to humans...
Cowracer67 Pirms 14 Stundām
All this has happened before. All this will happen again.
graysparrow1226 Pirms 11 Stundām
Fucking Cylons!
Tev Pirms 14 Stundām
Wyd when you see this dancing towards you in the apocalypse?
Flargarbason Pirms 8 Stundām
@ShoobaQueen fuck yeah
ShoobaQueen Pirms 8 Stundām
join the dance
Kathy Evans
Kathy Evans Pirms 14 Stundām
Sno Bear
Sno Bear Pirms 15 Stundām
the problem with this video is that it’s so well done that dumb people think it’s cgi
Fryode - The Fried Diode
Fryode - The Fried Diode Pirms 7 Stundām
I think the encore looks CGI, but the rest... nah. CGI that models that many reflections and the distortions from wavy imperfections in sheets of glass is still ridiculously-expensive.
Sno Bear
Sno Bear Pirms 8 Stundām
@Flargarbason nice eye, edited
Flargarbason Pirms 8 Stundām
Not to be a grammar nazi but you said “this” instead of “think” But yeah, it’s unfortunate. It’s really awesome how they managed to program this.
kxlot79 Pirms 15 Stundām
*OUR* engineers are equally delighted when *WE* dance...! 😅
kxlot79 Pirms 15 Stundām
Watch on 2x to be really creeped out.😳🤣
GarethNIreland Pirms 16 Stundām
What the actual FUCK??
Flargarbason Pirms 8 Stundām
They’re doin’ the robot
Brody Smith
Brody Smith Pirms 17 Stundām
I want to see handle pick up spot
Flargarbason Pirms 8 Stundām
HAHA! I absolutely do too xD
Zeph & Xavi
Zeph & Xavi Pirms 18 Stundām
This combined with the blockchain equals a bad day for humanity.
Eva Nikolaieva
Eva Nikolaieva Pirms 18 Stundām
more flexible than some of my friends
Szymon Blc
Szymon Blc Pirms 19 Stundām
everyone knows its fake because watched creation of this robots animation :)
Flargarbason Pirms 8 Stundām
This one is by Boston Dynamics. There is another channel that uploads fake joke videos with using a CGI Atlas. This one is actually real
An Alien on the Internet
An Alien on the Internet Pirms 19 Stundām
Rumor has it that they weren't even programmed to do it. They were just vibin'
Szymon Blc
Szymon Blc Pirms 20 Stundām
animation or real?
Flargarbason Pirms 8 Stundām
This one is real
Jaanus .K
Jaanus .K Pirms 20 Stundām
It's like aviation f22. There are few countries that produce such advanced systems. The United States did it again
NCF8710 Pirms 10 Stundām
​@Amine Mansour Boston Dynamics is an American engineering and robotics design company founded in 1992. It was a spin off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Hyundai acquired an 80% share in the company last December. Hyundai had little if anything to do with the technology. This is US technology.
Amine Mansour
Amine Mansour Pirms 17 Stundām
Boston Dynamics is a company of hyundai. He bought it from a japanese company
Wild kratts love 2011
Wild kratts love 2011 Pirms 21 Stundas
I love 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 Atlas and cheten
Eric Vega
Eric Vega Pirms 21 Stundas
All they need is a mounted browning thirty caliber
Matyáš Vyroubal
Matyáš Vyroubal Pirms 22 Stundām
My on party be like:
Just a Raptor Riding American With a Chainsaw
Boston Dynamics in 2110: "Introducing! Gundam Unit 00!"
Jon MickNono
Jon MickNono Pirms 22 Stundām
This should scare you..1
elkgunner Pirms 13 Stundām
It has since the very first video they released.
Zeph & Xavi
Zeph & Xavi Pirms 18 Stundām
This combined with the blockchain should terrify you.
Low Elo
Low Elo Pirms 23 Stundām
I prefer this than the original lmao
Pyro Pirms 23 Stundām
I feel insulted
DEV AH Pirms 23 Stundām
massive job lost reason:
Callme KageD
Callme KageD Pirms dienas
They aren’t ready!! Slow down Boston Dynamics 😍
Jeremy C
Jeremy C Pirms dienas
Super chipper ❤️
Mark Brinkley
Mark Brinkley Pirms dienas
I want one
Tia Chớp Đỏ Gaming
Haris Nk
Haris Nk Pirms dienas
human:whats your name? robot: david.
Maclean Mendoza
Maclean Mendoza Pirms dienas
This isn't CGI right? WTH?!
OrangeCrusader Pirms dienas
I just noticed the guy in the top left at 0:54
Rabbit101Whazup Pirms dienas
Thank God... we now know when the machines attack start playing "Do you love me" on a boombox and run!
Connie Gallant
Connie Gallant Pirms 12 Stundām
Hahaha! Well, we could also simply join them in the dance and teach them a few more "wiggles"!
Mshojat Pirms dienas
How did it take 2 months for me to find this?
sean adriano
sean adriano Pirms dienas
Lol idk
ing wen Tsai
ing wen Tsai Pirms dienas
This is fucking insane
Mr P
Mr P Pirms dienas
Love u!
J K Pirms dienas
We are all gonna die.
mister Knister
mister Knister Pirms 21 Stundas
true, but with those we are also being CONTROLLED in the future
Bitten Pirms dienas
maybe not everyone
ninjafireball Pirms dienas
If this seems like it was an ad to buy these kind of robots... I would buy them all!
Grapey Pirms dienas
holly shit
joe bond
joe bond Pirms dienas
good to go to MARS
jerry Pirms dienas
Apple might have the iPhone and an Apple watch but Google got Android and them dancing robots. SUCK IT APPLE!
Connie Gallant
Connie Gallant Pirms 12 Stundām
@jerry Totally!
Connie Gallant
Connie Gallant Pirms 12 Stundām
jerry Pirms 12 Stundām
@phatt180 Apple fans always talk about how their shit is better. Pretty sure dancing robots outclass a watch and a phone. Lol
phatt180 Pirms dienas
@jerry What does that have to do with Apple then?
jerry Pirms dienas
@phatt180 BostonDynamics was bought by Google a few years back lol.
RaPtorteAm Pirms dienas
Engineering is a very expensive and precise profession, you don't get to fiddle around. Engineers:
Karibou42 Pirms dienas
I would like to see one of them dancing like this on Mars with Perseverance recording
Count Spyder
Count Spyder Pirms dienas
And next they learn hand-to-hand combat.
Moodamage Pirms dienas
Are these for sale and do they come armored?
elkgunner Pirms 13 Stundām
Yes and yes. Contact DOD to reserve yours today!
Terry S
Terry S Pirms 22 Stundām
The robotic dog is for sale. It's called SPOT.
G Snyder
G Snyder Pirms dienas
They won’t be nearly as cute when they’re chasing you down with a couple of machetes in their hands.
Леонид _
Леонид _ Pirms dienas
-- That's for sure! Already now it is necessary to keep their owners and programmers "on a short leash". ))
Den Rusak'oV
Den Rusak'oV Pirms dienas
Почему их на МАРС не отправили??
Леонид _
Леонид _ Pirms 10 Stundām
@WildBoar, ... а бабушка (замечу, не робот, и не био- ... !) "надвое" сказала ... :)
WildBoar Pirms 10 Stundām
@Леонид _ И блин правильн о сделают....
Den Rusak'oV
Den Rusak'oV Pirms dienas
@Леонид _ аааа понятно🤣
Леонид _
Леонид _ Pirms dienas
-- Захватят планету и обустроят по своему "разумению". ))
Cristiano Vincente
Cristiano Vincente Pirms dienas
I like to imagine one day we all be in a living in a giant virtual reality where we can do whatever we like with no consequences and all that's left are some maintenance robots doing parties like this :)))))))
pandeemonium Pirms dienas
Pleas put giant googly eyes on them omg
Tobias Bosch
Tobias Bosch Pirms dienas
They are making slight mistakes while dancing and are not perfectly in sync. I bet my a** that they programmed this on purpose to make them look less scary 😄
Wayne Summers
Wayne Summers Pirms dienas
doesn't matter we are still fucked....
pretty_in_ink Pirms dienas
I have no idea why LVlocal recommended me this but I am so glad it did
All Texan
All Texan Pirms dienas
Where are the picatinny rails and hardpoints on them? The Pentagon is probably thinking of all kinds of ways to use the mounts.
G Snyder
G Snyder Pirms dienas
These are the obsolete prototypes the Pentagon tossed out a decade ago.
Francis Heritage
Francis Heritage Pirms dienas
I for one welcome our new robot overlords.
Dan Bryant
Dan Bryant Pirms 4 Stundām
Ok Kent Brockman...
Zeph & Xavi
Zeph & Xavi Pirms 18 Stundām
ZERO O7-X Pirms dienas
I cried, this was beautiful. Thanks for all the hard work to the team at Boston Dynamics and to all the bots who took a rough beating to get here.
Kyle Jenkins
Kyle Jenkins Pirms 4 Stundām
@Kit Levey I see it too. Those without the skills will need to be "taken care of" by their overlords... sad.
Kit Levey
Kit Levey Pirms dienas
This machine is going to be telling our next generation if they are learning the right things fast enough or will be relegated to a more menial life of servitude.
Kendall Shanks
Kendall Shanks Pirms dienas
I LOVE THIS! But 2020 sucked.
Kendall Shanks
Kendall Shanks Pirms 12 Stundām
@Four yup
Four Pirms dienas
I love this because 2021 sucks
Matthew Bradley
Matthew Bradley Pirms dienas
At least they are making A.I that understands fun and getting down.
Kit Levey
Kit Levey Pirms dienas
AI does NOT understand anything! It is reacting to programing and if they are programed to take over your town they will do just that!
Воля Pirms dienas
Robiin WhoElse
Robiin WhoElse Pirms dienas
Da Hell Is this real?
Mr.sunflower Pirms dienas
Ashraful Alam
Ashraful Alam Pirms dienas
1:44 I expected a perfectly in-sync performance from the robots. Sorry guys 8/10
MrUranium235 Pirms dienas
came here because of Spot's Rampage
Achilleas Labrou
Achilleas Labrou Pirms dienas
Today dancers, tomorrow soldiers.
AE29 entertainment
AE29 entertainment Pirms dienas
Humans: robots are out to get us Robots :
Offline Pirms dienas
Can they rule a country? Save us from erdogan
Musa Deniz Durmuş
Musa Deniz Durmuş Pirms dienas
“yes we love you”
Michael Greenslade
Michael Greenslade Pirms dienas
Awesome production...5*****
Come as you Are
Come as you Are Pirms dienas
They are some very good robots, but who ever did the choreography was outstanding.
Diggity Dog
Diggity Dog Pirms 2 dienām
In the year before Skynet's activation professional dancers thought that robots could never replace them.
Kit Levey
Kit Levey Pirms dienas
Perfect observation !
googleyoutubechannel Pirms 2 dienām
Hyundai exec: Your CEO tells me these robots are dancing by themselves! right? Amazing AI! Boston Dynamics Engineers: *nervous sweating*
Emily Negron
Emily Negron Pirms 2 dienām
Don’t lie, you’ve seen this video more than once
krsnayna Pirms 2 dienām
It's time to leave this planet...
asish kumar
asish kumar Pirms dienas
Sucide then
TallyRocky Pirms dienas
Space Station #5
Harun Karaçal
Harun Karaçal Pirms 2 dienām
Yes we must go Moon or other planet
Radu Pirms 2 dienām
You broke my heart 'Cause I couldn't dance You didn't even want me around And now I'm back to let you know I can really shake 'em down Do you love me? (I can really move) Do you love me? (I'm in the groove) Now do you love me (do you love me?) Now that I can dance? (dance) Watch me now (work, work) Oh, work it out, baby (work, work) Well, you're drivin' me crazy (work, work) With a little bit of soul now (work) I can mash potato (I can mash potato) And do the twist (I can do the twist) Now tell me, baby (tell me, baby) Do you like it like this? (do you like it like this?) Tell me (tell me) Tell me Do you love me? (do you love me?) Now do you love me? (do you love me?) Now do you love me (do you love me?) Now that I can dance? (dance) Dance Watch me now (work, work) Oh, shake it up, shake it (work, work) Oh, shake 'em, shake 'em down (work, work) Oh, little bit of soul now (work) (Work, work) Oh, shake it, shake it, baby (work, work) Oh, you're driving me crazy (work, work) Oh, don't get lazy (work) I can mash potato (I can mash potato) Do the twist (I can do the twist) Well, now tell me, baby (tell me, baby) Do you like it like this? (do you like it like this?) Tell me (tell me) Tell me Oh, do you love me? (do you love me?) Now do you love me? (do you love me?) Now do you love me? (do you love me?) (Now, now, now) (Hey! work, work) Oh, work it out, baby (work, work) Well, you're driving me crazy (work, work) Oh, don't you get lazy (work) (Work, work) Oh, hey, baby (work, work) Well, you're driving me crazy (work, work)
Miles Endebrock
Miles Endebrock Pirms 2 dienām
okay I don’t doubt the robots can do this but why does the lighting look so off? like there’s no reason for this to be CG but the shadows do not look right to me
Freddy Jordison
Freddy Jordison Pirms dienas
0:50 You have the cameraman in the reflexion. That's the proof it's not CGI
Mindburner Pirms dienas
Looks ok overall, also these robots have been demonstrated to many individuals in the past live so no reason to think it's not real now. If it's CGI it's the best I have ever seen, with resolution, lighting and real world textures outmatching anything before. Realistically, it would be easier to actually just film real robots, which have been confirmed to exist than create an ultra high end simulation. When faking something becomes at least as hard or harder than actually doing it, then it becomes pointless.
João Marcos Costa
João Marcos Costa Pirms 2 dienām
It seems very likely that the video was filmed at different times during the day, which would explain the differences in lighting between shots. Otherwise... The shadows look perfectly normal to me, I'm not sure what you guys are talking about.
higglewiggle Pirms 2 dienām
I know this is real but I thought the same thing about the shadows.
Mutt 1040
Mutt 1040 Pirms 2 dienām
Thats sick
Cat Briggs
Cat Briggs Pirms 2 dienām
I would so dance with these guys. The choreography is genius.
Kit Levey
Kit Levey Pirms dienas
OUR next generation will be dancing with them but the tune could be very very different.
The real goku
The real goku Pirms 2 dienām
When a robot dances better then you
Butch Cassidy
Butch Cassidy Pirms 2 dienām
I, for one, welcome our new Robot overlords.
Chris Chapin
Chris Chapin Pirms 2 dienām
What's the EQ shift after 0:50? too sudden
Ceddic Guppy
Ceddic Guppy Pirms 2 dienām
Hey je peut tu Alley danser avec vous les robot
Rich Davis
Rich Davis Pirms 2 dienām
If they start having babies our civilization is lost!
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