Best Rap Songs Of Each Year [1979 - 2020] 

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In this video, I showcase what I feel are some of the best rap songs of every year since 1979 till 2020! Thanks for watching & subscribe for more!
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Rap Songs included in this video:
1979 - The Sugarhill Gang Rapper's Delight
1980 - Kurtis Blow The Breaks
1981 - The Treacherous Three Feel The Heartbeat
1982 - Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five The Message
1983 - Run- D.M.C. It's Like That
1984 - LL Cool J I Need A Beat
1985 - The Show Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh The Show
1986 - Boogie Down Productions South Bronx
1987 - Eric B & Rakim I Ain't No Joke
1988 - N.W.A Straight Outta Compton
1989 - Public Enemy Fight The Power
1990 - A Tribe Called Quest Bonita Applebum
1991 - Geto Boys My Mind Playing Tricks On Me
1992 - Dr Dre ft. Snoop Dogg Nothing But A G Thang
1993 - C.R.E.A.M. Wu-Tang Clan
1994 - Juicy The Notorious B.I.G
1994 - N.Y. State of Mine Nas
1995 - Shook Ones Pt. II Mobb Deep
1996 - California Love Tupac ft. Dr. Dre
1997 - Hypnotize The Notorious B.I.G
1997 - Step Into A World KRS-One
1998 - Tupac Changes
1998 - Ruff Ryders' Anthem DMX
1998 - Black Star Definition
1999 - Still D.R.E Dr Dre ft. Snoop Dogg
1999 - My Name Is Eminem
1999 - Nas Is Like Nas
2000 - M.O.P. ft. Busta Rhymes & Remy Ma Ante Up
2000 - Move Something Talib Kweli
2000 - Stan Eminem
2001 - Ms Jackson Outkast
2001 - Let's Get Dirty Redman
2001 - Got Yourself A Gun Nas
2002 - Lose Yourself Eminem
2002 - Uzi Wu-Tang Clan
2002 - Work It Missy Elliot
2003 - In Da Club 50 Cent
2003 - X Gon Give It To Ya DMX
2003 - Where Is The Love The Black Eyed Peas
2004 - Roses Outkast
2004 - Terror Squad ft. Fat Joe & Remy Ma "Lean Back"
2004 - Like Toy Soldiers Eminem
2005 - Hate It Or Love It The Game ft. 50 Cent
2005 - Gold Digger Kanye West
2006 - What You Know T.I.
2006 - Show Me What You Got Jay-Z
2007 - Stronger Kanye West
2007 - Crank That Soulja Boy
2007 - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ft. Akon I Tried
2008 - Put On Young Jeezy
2008 - Lollipop Lil Wayne
2008 - The Life The Game
2009 - Empire State Of Mind Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys
2009 - Forever Drake ft. Kanye & Eminem
2009 - Heartless Kanye West
2010 - Black & Yellow Wiz Khalifa
2010 - Runaway Kanye West
2010 - Airplanes B.O.B
2011 - Yonkers Tyler, The Creator
2011 - N*ggas in Paris Jay Z & Kanye West
2011 - 6 Foot 7 Foot Lil Wayne
2012 - Chief Keef Love Sosa


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4 aug 2020






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inteNsifyCharts Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
Let me know if you think I've missed any song! // Check out my new song if ya support the channel! song.link/trendingtopic
Ben Dean
Ben Dean Pirms 9 Stundām
Gooba 6ix9ine , FeFe 6ix9ine , and middle child j. Cole
Brickbox 720
Brickbox 720 Pirms 6 dienām
The audio for like toy soldiers didn’t record
Kimi Mohnsen
Kimi Mohnsen Pirms 15 dienām
maybd Gummo or FEFE
Elias Barakzoy
Elias Barakzoy Pirms 29 dienām
Plug walk and wishing well
Vlad Silchuk
Vlad Silchuk Pirms Mēneša
Let you down was HUGE by NF. Why not put it in?
dobz on 60fps
dobz on 60fps Pirms 6 Minūtes
My name is is my fav Eminem song
Austin Manlapas
Austin Manlapas Pirms 5 Stundām
2010s was lit
Addixdjcl Cr
Addixdjcl Cr Pirms 8 Stundām
The question ist, wher is love the way you lie, or Not afraid???
Austin Manlapas
Austin Manlapas Pirms 5 Stundām
where it belongs, not worth the mention
Madison Pozniak
Madison Pozniak Pirms 10 Stundām
As Tommy craze related to this
tenshi333 Pirms 15 Stundām
I stopped after 2012. I guess I’m just old, but I really miss what rap used to be. Maybe the newer stuff isn’t bad, it’s just not my thing.
Charlie connelly
Charlie connelly Pirms dienas
The fact that there’s no fetty Wap in 2015 is a violation
Glossy lobster
Glossy lobster Pirms dienas
I love the first one and I was born in 2007! Also still D.R.E is amazing as well
U_ T1
U_ T1 Pirms dienas
How tf has Tyler the creator made it in this list 😭😭😭
Shane Cunningham
Shane Cunningham Pirms 2 dienām
It doesn’t feel like Love Sosa been out that long 😭
Ethan toaster
Ethan toaster Pirms 2 dienām
Big E and Tupac were taken to soon
Vince Ortega
Vince Ortega Pirms 2 dienām
Man y'all didn't add love the way you lie by eminem and rihanna🤬
Austin Manlapas
Austin Manlapas Pirms 5 Stundām
song is ass thats probably why
Dan Graz
Dan Graz Pirms 3 dienām
How you gonna talk about 2015 and not include fetty wap smh
Lil Mat
Lil Mat Pirms 4 dienām
Still D.R.E is not 2001?
bruhmoment62 Pirms 4 dienām
Where is woo back wednesday :(s ad
Ekrem Topkaya
Ekrem Topkaya Pirms 5 dienām
1988 = N.W.A. 2019 = Nle Choppa... OUCH
M BS Pirms 5 dienām
Ms jackson
Preston Soper
Preston Soper Pirms 5 dienām
Saying lil peep had one of the best songs at any time is disrespecting every rapper before and after him and in his time he is so bad he’s the worst he didn’t deserve where he was I’m glad I don’t have to hear his music anymore Gotham sucks there should be pop smoke and more juice and future
Connor Yankauskas
Connor Yankauskas Pirms 5 dienām
nun from pop smoke?? how
Rangel Rangelov
Rangel Rangelov Pirms 5 dienām
2018 Sad!
Kai Scott
Kai Scott Pirms 6 dienām
why half of this the 2k18 soundtrack
Joseph Newman
Joseph Newman Pirms 6 dienām
Lollipop by Lil wayne is a joke right? 9:11
Jason Marks
Jason Marks Pirms 6 dienām
bruh andre 3000 is an og
Jason Marks
Jason Marks Pirms 6 dienām
this shouldve been 2009 best rap song. just listen. lvlocal.info/down/video/e3i1xmKKaKWtjqc.html
AIOPM Squad Pirms 7 dienām
3:31 nice to see illmatic on here
Kinda Jupiterr
Kinda Jupiterr Pirms 7 dienām
Why ain’t humble on here🙁 I’m disappointed
Patch- rick
Patch- rick Pirms 7 dienām
11:57 When the nightmare begun
Patch- rick
Patch- rick Pirms 7 dienām
Imagine putting in around 8 Kanye West songs, but not Love the way you lie, Not Afraid and The next Episode
Dylan Sawdon
Dylan Sawdon Pirms 8 dienām
1996 should b hit em up - tupac
cardist13 Pirms 8 dienām
Where Tommy craze at
Cheeto Puffs
Cheeto Puffs Pirms 8 dienām
At 2002 notice em and nas been on mutiple years in a row
James Kerekes
James Kerekes Pirms 8 dienām
OutKast is the best
Jordan Rivera
Jordan Rivera Pirms 8 dienām
Aaaamd it didn’t even mention this is how we do it or móntelo Jordan
Lieutenant Noodles
Lieutenant Noodles Pirms 8 dienām
CloroxChugger Pirms 9 dienām
Lil peep shouldn’t be here
JustSomeDumbassOnTheInternet 69
Gotta love how it went from modified funk to where it is today
Andrew McCormick
Andrew McCormick Pirms 9 dienām
2003-2007 was the best and way Godzilla not on here
BigMilkers 69
BigMilkers 69 Pirms 9 dienām
Cream is one of the most influential songs ever
Maik Bam
Maik Bam Pirms 9 dienām
4:55 Eminem has joined the chat
NGU CONNIE Pirms 9 dienām
polo g the goat was the best album this year
Talhah Ahmed
Talhah Ahmed Pirms 9 dienām
look at me came out in 2017 not 2015
Ali Afzal Shaikh
Ali Afzal Shaikh Pirms 10 dienām
No Godzilla?
Salome Suarez
Salome Suarez Pirms 10 dienām
Tbh I feel like after 2010's theistic became so boring like no meaning to its lyrics.Only guy that got lyrical lyrics is J cole.
riki. Pirms 10 dienām
Godzilla has just left the chat
xl Rxlo
xl Rxlo Pirms 10 dienām
where is pop smoke?
Mike P
Mike P Pirms 11 dienām
Moonlight as a top rap song and ghetto flow...... delete this video
Mike P
Mike P Pirms 11 dienām
Nah bruh 2016-2020 gotta be changed ASAP rocky
Lil Supi
Lil Supi Pirms 11 dienām
jkb Pirms 11 dienām
wheres juice tho
Dew Pirms 11 dienām
shit list ngl
Issac House
Issac House Pirms 11 dienām
What Happened to the Audio for like toy soldiers?
Hackelberry Finn Hackelberry Finn
In DA club not the
Yvng Kubs
Yvng Kubs Pirms 11 dienām
a milli,bandit,hate the other side,wishing well???
Ajev Vachher
Ajev Vachher Pirms 12 dienām
where is love the way you lie and not afraid, certainly one of them should be there
Migy N.S
Migy N.S Pirms 12 dienām
proɢᵰミ2PAC FF
proɢᵰミ2PAC FF Pirms 12 dienām
Best song in 1993 is réal compton cdg's
nightmoves Pirms 13 dienām
Nice! Mobb deep wasn’t forgotten!
AirnestToKoks Pirms 13 dienām
the box in 2019
Troxit18 Pirms 14 dienām
Naah, german Rap better
Spilara Pirms 14 dienām
anyone else just come to these to remember old songs you used to listen to?
MusicY Pirms 14 dienām
Where are Drake? 69? Lil Pump? LIL PEEP?
Caleb Pirms 15 dienām
rip rap music
LABP MAN Pirms 15 dienām
14:27 the picture give me late 80s/90s vibes
LABP MAN Pirms 15 dienām
6:24 og lil uzi
ThePandaMC Pirms 15 dienām
I dont like how tiktok was reviving 69
Aidan Steffensmeier
Aidan Steffensmeier Pirms 16 dienām
Where else BANGER godzilla!? And where thrift shop lol!?
YONG EZY Pirms 17 dienām
Where pop smoke???
death Pirms 17 dienām
U did not just put mrs.jackson for the lyrics 🔥
Nooa Mäkipelto
Nooa Mäkipelto Pirms 27 dienām
wheres news/flock 2013
Aszy E
Aszy E Pirms 27 dienām
Where is Boyz in a hood ?
GHDiva Pirms 27 dienām
Where Drake at??? this channel a Drake hater or somethin???
Visible_ Poke
Visible_ Poke Pirms 29 dienām
1991 should’ve been boyz in the hood
Andrea Mazzotta
Andrea Mazzotta Pirms 29 dienām
Humble kendrick lamar
Osvaldo Ac
Osvaldo Ac Pirms 29 dienām
Old school: Drug Dealers New school: Drug Addicts
David Thomas
David Thomas Pirms 29 dienām
You shoulda had more rakim
Rahat Shiraz
Rahat Shiraz Pirms 29 dienām
Ur songs shit. Nice video tho
lightdancin4life0 Pirms 29 dienām
R.I.P all legends in this video
beanzs Pirms 29 dienām
no jack harlo?
lil hanky
lil hanky Pirms Mēneša
Eminem 2000-2010 best no cap
Saratoga Hehe
Saratoga Hehe Pirms Mēneša
Crazy how rap has evolved.... 2002 was the changeonh point for rap I think.. tell me if you have a different a pinion.. I’m actually wondering
Ave_JW Pirms Mēneša
Michael Plays
Michael Plays Pirms Mēneša
90s are the best but for 1998 I feel like Rosa parks should be in there
Line Sørensen
Line Sørensen Pirms Mēneša
2pac . 👍
SunfixIsCranked Pirms Mēneša
Wishing well?
li'l wolf gamer99
li'l wolf gamer99 Pirms Mēneša
em in 2002 be like : im tooooooooo impatient to drop soooo much barz after sooo long ima do it now plus i might lose myself if i dont do it soon
itzBLADE Pirms Mēneša
You got your dates mixed up pal
Jack Wilber
Jack Wilber Pirms Mēneša
Why isn’t Godzilla in just saying
999 forever
999 forever Pirms Mēneša
God man so many rappers have died rip juice. Rip x. Rip lil peep😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥀🥀
999 forever
999 forever Pirms Mēneša
Rip lil peep 😭😭
999 forever
999 forever Pirms Mēneša
Rip x
jayson doug
jayson doug Pirms Mēneša
Lugery Pirms Mēneša
where Godzilla and Ricky at?
Gen Warper
Gen Warper Pirms Mēneša
The box dropped in 2019 not 2020 bruh XD
DemenBlack Pirms Mēneša
He dislikes Jay-Z :'D
Blue Viking
Blue Viking Pirms Mēneša
tokyos revenge best rapper ever!!!
cory brown
cory brown Pirms Mēneša
How tf weezy and hov make the list late as hell
Stijn Kats
Stijn Kats Pirms Mēneša
J Kay
J Kay Pirms Mēneša
The moment the ad came on for the song to this channel. I knew this list wasn’t legitimate.
Cheeze Pirms Mēneša
kanye carried early 2000
Landon N.
Landon N. Pirms Mēneša
10:06 anyone else remember Tyler eating a roach?
TOP 200 SONGS OF 2000-2020
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history of the entire world, i guess