Are Aerospikes Better Than Bell Nozzles? 

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00:00 - Intro
06:20 - How Nozzles Work
16:00 - How Aerospikes Work
19:55 - The Problems With Aerospikes
32:50 - Comparing Aerospike Engines To Bell Engines
41:30 - What The Experts Say
51:35 - Future Aerospike Prospects
54:00 - Summary
Article version for easy reading and references - everydayastronaut.com/aerospikes
Today we’re going to look at the history of aerospike engines, go over how nozzles work including things like overexpansion, underexpansion and even expansion ratios, we’ll look at the pros and cons of the aerospike, the physical limitations and problems, then we’ll compare the aerospike to some other traditional rocket engines.
But that’s not all, I obtained never seen before photos and videos of some aerospikes, we’ll get opinions from some people who have actually worked with aerospike engines, look at some promising prospects and compelling concepts and by the end of the video we’ll hopefully know whether or not the holy grail of rocket engines is just waiting to be utilized or if aerospikes just simply aren’t worth it.
Special thanks to @MartianDays on Twitter for the scale engine renders! - martiandays
And also thanks to Charlie Garcia for helping me learn so much! - lvlocal.info
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18 okt 2019






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TheDunestyler Pirms 17 Stundām
the big difference in the first quarter of the video is static pressure and flow-pressure.
Spets Spets
Spets Spets Pirms 17 Stundām
Spikes are better
Billy Joe
Billy Joe Pirms dienas
The abandoned jaw electronically pass because theater indirectly fancy beneath a fragile zone. imminent, belligerent sound
kano 1971
kano 1971 Pirms dienas
Raptor engine is nothing special it's just the same kind of rocket that's already been done.. I don't get this Elon love he has done nothing special but get money from nasa and the military to keep space x from going bankrupt.. a military contract for 16 luanches for 300 mill per luanch when the ula can now charge 225 mill for secure luanches .. a huge scam
Jonathan Muntz
Jonathan Muntz Pirms 2 dienām
Aerospike engines should be used for Intercontinental travel. They shouldn't be used for Interstellar Travel. We need to be able to get to China in an hour, sounds like Aerospike is the right choice!
Terry Turner
Terry Turner Pirms 2 dienām
I do enjoy these docu- fantasies. Very good and if only.
Dva Nerdi v Kanadě
Dva Nerdi v Kanadě Pirms 3 dienām
Aerospikes, the Wankel engines of the rocket industry!
Tron -
Tron - Pirms 3 dienām
never noticed your eyeballs dif colors? coo!
David Owens
David Owens Pirms 3 dienām
Such a great video
eugenijuxx Pirms 3 dienām
2:09 , 4:40 Discord x) 4:50 4:56 berely audible And so on xD
NoNam Pirms 5 dienām
man rocketlab needs some foam just for sound man
MainCoon Pirms 5 dienām
Great video full of information 👍🏻
White Wolf
White Wolf Pirms 5 dienām
But even getting close to an infinite sized nozzle would have enormous savings on fuel! Imagine a 250 kilometers long nozzle. That size means that the craft on the top would already be in space!
beropunk Pirms 5 dienām
You know you did it right when you have to have a table of contents in a youtube video
BigAL Pirms 6 dienām
Help me understand how the nozzles of the engines can take the entire weight of the rocket at its lift off G loading which would be many times the actual weight of the rocket as the incredible thrust out of the bell housing would transfer all the force to the narrowest part of the engine, in my mind that force would just push the engines into the rocket? Where is the rockets foundation? 🤷‍♂️
Christina Eneroth
Christina Eneroth Pirms 6 dienām
You are givning very cleat and thorough answers to question I didn’t know I had!
will shumway
will shumway Pirms 7 dienām
Didn't skip a second! Kinda proud
Harris N369
Harris N369 Pirms 7 dienām
38:04 Right there your whole speech of lack of fuel efficiency for the aero spike ended. Aerospikes work but you know, can’t make rockets look like they came straight from the USSR.
Jason Weather
Jason Weather Pirms 7 dienām
The rotten slip pragmatically offer because ton quantitatively admire among a better organization. incompetent, jaded park
Simon David
Simon David Pirms 7 dienām
Nice expansion ratio RS-25. Nice T/W ratio J-2S.
Zach Smith
Zach Smith Pirms 8 dienām
If the RS-25 was nearly to large to function at sea level then how did the Saturn V's F-1 which are roughly a meter larger than the RS-25 function at sea level
ruslan1394 Pirms 8 dienām
I think we should all appreciate for a moment the RD-180 engine. Thrust-to-weight ratio: 78.44 Thrust (SL): 3.83 MN (860,000 lbf) Thrust (vac.): 4.15 MN (930,000 lbf) Also its reliability, compared to the listed engines: 39:56.
Space Fella
Space Fella Pirms 8 dienām
Technically the aerospike engine is both the pointy end AND the flamey end
Andrew marshall
Andrew marshall Pirms 9 dienām
The scary kale periodically please because finger acromegaly park through a jobless ethernet. poor, keen suggestion
BoomedYetLush Pirms 9 dienām
Brilliant presentation. I particularly liked your discussion of physics and engineering, and your final summary, where the aerospike might be a better prospect elsewhere - perhaps Venus, or the atmosphere of Jupiter. Would love to see a comparison of rocket performance for getting off other solar system objects.
Daniel Pletsch
Daniel Pletsch Pirms 10 dienām
38:38, nice
Damijan Ruzic
Damijan Ruzic Pirms 10 dienām
Damijan Ruzic
Damijan Ruzic Pirms 10 dienām
Good, but still a way behind synergetic propulsion. I wish we can talk about that.
Lakario Davis
Lakario Davis Pirms 10 dienām
awesome video. I love the comparison between rotary and piston engines.
Gerald Wagner
Gerald Wagner Pirms 10 dienām
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Python Gaming
Python Gaming Pirms 11 dienām
“This is a really long video” holy f*ck 1 hr long
Nyghl Pirms 11 dienām
This content is really valuable because i'm a simple man, with 0 pre knowledge in this area but still didnt skipped even 1 second of the video. It is awesome and thank you for this awesome content!
Tyler A.
Tyler A. Pirms 12 dienām
I love my rotary. Nothing compares to the high rev fun & the perfect 50/50 weight distribution courtesy of that tiny motor. We should have tried harder, dammit!
brookestephen Pirms 12 dienām
recent breakthroughs can convert heat to electricity... the rate of conversion would have to be pretty high to be useful: I'm guessing it's not yet?
Manfred Sever
Manfred Sever Pirms 12 dienām
... once there is a mission to visit more than 1 world before returning to Earth, then probably SSTO becomes a requirement, and suddenly the do-all versatility of aerospike would make sense.
xXPBSXx1 Pirms 13 dienām
what if you combine both?
Doug Young
Doug Young Pirms 13 dienām
Where does the name "AeroSpike" come from ?
william anderson
william anderson Pirms 13 dienām
Mazda have done more engineering on the rotary engine and have got to the stage that they are as fuel efficient as normal engines. They are planning to re-introduce them soon.
семен семенов
семен семенов Pirms 14 dienām
До других планет оно точно летает, а потом самоуничтожение чтоб не делали копии НЛО.
семен семенов
семен семенов Pirms 14 dienām
Супер дережабль))))))))
Reese Macgowan
Reese Macgowan Pirms 15 dienām
Elon's voice is a lot more... normal than I remember it
RamadaArtist Pirms 16 dienām
TL;DW Aerospikes have like, theoretical potential, but logistical/engineering fussiness that makes them impractical at low scale production. When commercial space tech has the kind of funding that terrestrial military tech currently has, maybe we'll see that kind of development. In the interim, there are too many complications to be practical/feasible with the current level of demand.
Bartelhehe Pirms 16 dienām
Tim thanks for making all of The videos that you make because it helps me learn for my dream when i grow up to be a rocket designer/engineer so thanks a lot . And can you do a video on how decouplers work and how rockets can throttle up and Down and how they are able to shut down liquid fuel engines?
Donald Leavy
Donald Leavy Pirms 16 dienām
Can’t fool me.. it’s a V12 Ferrari
obsidian cc
obsidian cc Pirms 17 dienām
Tim . Cant thank you enough. I learned alot today it was very interesting
Lloyd Share
Lloyd Share Pirms 17 dienām
Your find your data in about 40 years, when it’s declassified
das auto
das auto Pirms 18 dienām
Your Filling a bucket with water is wrong i used to water trees and covering the hose with ur thumb makes the bucket fill faster it the hose is 200ft long and has hardly any pressure I would k ow it was 100+ out and if I did it normally it would take around 70 seconds and mostly covered it would be under a minute
Space is Cool
Space is Cool Pirms 18 dienām
Summary: Big Bell: throw fire Spike: curve fire
Deniel John P. Prado
Deniel John P. Prado Pirms 18 dienām
I get iq in this video
Destructerator Pirms 18 dienām
Yeah you know those adjustable nozzle engines? Let’s throw them into the ocean :)
Kurt Yumang
Kurt Yumang Pirms 19 dienām
everyday astronaut im a 11 year old kid and im curios that when will rocket lab do electron heavy the ceo of rocket lab posted on twitter saying "the electron heavy is ready" and im kinda confused if its possible can you make a video explaining this
bjboss 111
bjboss 111 Pirms 19 dienām
i'm pretty sure its called the venturie effect 9:02 (I don't think it's spelt that way) /\
bjboss 111
bjboss 111 Pirms 19 dienām
Also won't the expander engine explode if it runs out of fuel, 52:50
Kevinsky Pirms 19 dienām
thanks i gained 5 iq from thia video
Hugh Moore
Hugh Moore Pirms 19 dienām
Looks like the burn velocity defuses to rapidly . . . probably all over the place in a vacuum
Chiara Willimann
Chiara Willimann Pirms 20 dienām
„If the design is taking too long, the design is wrong!" I think that’s why the Raptor engine is better for SpaceX to get to Mars as fast as possible
Steve Ferguson
Steve Ferguson Pirms 20 dienām
Well done video, thank you!
Jake O'Neill
Jake O'Neill Pirms 20 dienām
Mario Angerer
Mario Angerer Pirms 21 dienas
ty :) i learned a lot 2 day☀️
Bedirhan Kırat
Bedirhan Kırat Pirms 21 dienas
Hey guys, i am senior grade in space engineering department and this video almost covers all the theoritical information that we have learned in rocket propulsion class which is one of the last classes of the department. So, listen to it carefully. The only missing part is calculations here. But, that is not the most significant part if you want to know the principles.
Sanna Ong
Sanna Ong Pirms 22 dienām
The finicky tsunami univariately trade because care unintentionally fit below a lovely tank. instinctive, old-fashioned ceramic
D4rkBlu3 Pirms 22 dienām
I learned more from this video than I did in my 4 years of high school science. Excellent video, I can't wrap my head around the fact that these are free. I'm going to need to buy ones of those full flow staged combustion cycle hoodies😂, they're awesome
protercool Pirms 22 dienām
Nice try Musk, but you aren't getting my great aerospike idea for free.
jonathan gibeault
jonathan gibeault Pirms 22 dienām
Amazing and complète video about rocket science. Wonderful job!!!
John Bassam
John Bassam Pirms 23 dienām
22:42 lmaooo when u add warm water to warm water does it boil
blaze jennifer
blaze jennifer Pirms 23 dienām
The weary vein apparently ask because yellow intringuingly attract to a tasteless patch. hurried, unsightly revolve
rog pow
rog pow Pirms 24 dienām
Why not just use ceramic heat problem solved
Raymond Siebert
Raymond Siebert Pirms 24 dienām
The uppity coach anatomically peep because office reilly queue since a lopsided printer. symptomatic, scrawny peer-to-peer
David Croft
David Croft Pirms 24 dienām
Why not just drill holes in the bell nozzle beginning at the point where exhaust gas reaches atmospheric pressure in order to prevent flow separation? Let air flow into the nozzle in the direction of flow so it can be accelerated in the direction of flow.
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela Pirms 25 dienām
I've ordered my CT tri motor fsd last April & may also order the S Plaid +...& I LOVE SPACE X TOO!! TO THE MOON & M A R S WE GOOO000!!!
William Hutton
William Hutton Pirms 26 dienām
do is it basically that you need to find a compromise between rocket science and rocket engineering?
Offset Pirms 26 dienām
A possible reason why an aerospike hasn't been used yet could be the the nozzle efficiency of an aerospike isn't optimal for Earths atmosphere? what if it was used in the atmosphere of a gas giant or even Venus for example, surely that would negate the issues we're facing here on Earth with them?
the real reasons
the real reasons Pirms 26 dienām
Personally I'd like to see an aerospike with a surface texture designed for drag rings, kinda like a golf ball. Like an inverted flow separation.
BananaKiller123000 Pirms 27 dienām
So like, can someone tell me if he said yes or no?
random crackhead
random crackhead Pirms 28 dienām
This dude literally meets elon but the internet freaks out over him replying to mr beast
Jerome Barry
Jerome Barry Pirms 28 dienām
A "stage", being little more than a lightweight cylinder enclosing some tanks and pipes, is simply too darned cheap.
XII SCI A 104 Kaushal Waradkar
Poor Aerospickes ಥ‿ಥ
cbg gb
cbg gb Pirms 28 dienām
I love space
Kpm Mass Karthi
Kpm Mass Karthi Pirms 28 dienām
Aerospike Engines are really awesome to SSTO . Sure I will do works for aerospike engine to reduce weight
Damascus Squared
Damascus Squared Pirms 29 dienām
The primary issue is those working with them want short term immediate results forgetting this process takes time and patience
Squillen Pirms 29 dienām
I wanted to learn about that one cool KSP part and now I know how rocket engines work. You sly bastard
Groove Federation
Groove Federation Pirms Mēneša
how about laser propulsion? (for use in outer space) i've had an idea which uses part of the laser lightsail concept that stephen hawking and that russian billionaire plan to make and a nuclear power source or energy generator, although my idea doesn't need a huge sail or remote laser source because you can have the laser as part of the spacecraft, you could control the laser diffraction or use it to control acceleration speeds, overheating issues etc. have lasers that extend out the back of the spaceship on poles which are aimed back at the spacecraft (have the lasers aimed at those ceramic materials that can withstand huge temp spikes without breaking, or make a new type of material that gives off small explosions without much degradation (but this could be for version 2.0) then use super capacitors powered by a nuclear energy generator which would charge up and fire the lasers in pulses at the back of the spacecraft ceramic or metallic panel. now normally you'd not be able to do this with a substance because of it pushing against itself but you could with laser light because the speed of light is the speed of light no matter how fast the spacecraft is travelling at, so it would always deliver a blast from the laser at the speed of light which in time would continually speed up the spacecraft with each firing of the laser. you could have multiple lasers firing off so it gives a smoother acceleration. you could maybe diffuse the laser a bit too to stop overheating or use microwaves, infra red or ultra violet. the key to this is having it fire back at the ship from extendable pods and not fire directly out the back at the ship into the nothingness of space as the laser has nothing to push off of within the near as dammed it vacuum of space, but if the lasers are aimed back at the craft a push in the opposite direction would happen propelling the craft forward. or maybe the spacecraft could be doughnut shaped with the propulsion in the centre but could be changed to any angle which when fired back at the ship would propel it in the opposite direction. this might not be the quickest craft to accelerate but over time it would build up to immense speeds. been toying with this idea for several years and have posted it on various platforms but always been too afraid to actually send it to an engine or laser design company. do you folks reckon it would work, or if it won't please feel free to tell me why
Mark Carter
Mark Carter Pirms Mēneša
Too much government money no production
Sirius K
Sirius K Pirms Mēneša
Wait, why Skylon's engine doesn't use aerospike when it can be efficient in all altitude?
samto samto
samto samto Pirms Mēneša
Aprendi mucho con tus videos, tienes un entusiasmo movido por cohetes Por que la nasa hace mas 40 años construyo en 5 años un cohete que levanto 140 tn saturno 5. Y ahora hace 10 años que no puede terminar un cohete casi con la misma capacidad sls Google translators I learned a lot from your videos, you have a rocket-fueled enthusiasm Because NASA over 40 years ago built a rocket in 5 years that lifted 140 tn Saturn 5. And now 10 years ago a rocket with almost the same SLS capacity cannot finish
Fact Talkz
Fact Talkz Pirms Mēneša
'I Spend Most Of Time In 'Recording', 'Editing' And 'Uploading'. I Need All Of My Brother's And Sister's Support ' Life Is Short Thing' 'Girl Friend Is Nothing' 'Parents Are Motivation' 'Support Is The Thing Which I Need' Support me guys... (Do you know that Charlie Chaplin's body was stolen after his death😨😨) ~Fact by Fact Talkz (SUBSCRIBE me for more amazing facts)
domsau2 Pirms Mēneša
What do you think of a ridged cone, like a lemon squeezer, please? More surface = easier to cool!
one click
one click Pirms Mēneša
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Rad Rhat
Rad Rhat Pirms Mēneša
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Rad Rhat Pirms Mēneša
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Bryon Booth
Bryon Booth Pirms Mēneša
Because the Russian version is %100 times better......doh.
George Smith
George Smith Pirms Mēneša
Eureka! At exactly 10:08 my mind finally comprehended Flow Separation! Thanks everyday astronaut.
Smeer Ali
Smeer Ali Pirms Mēneša
Please can you advise me to a book can explain the analysis this
Charlie Watts
Charlie Watts Pirms Mēneša
ARCA SPACE are now successfully operating a toroidal aerospike, whilst using water/steam as a propellant. could you do a video into this?
Joko Maxino
Joko Maxino Pirms Mēneša
Great video! Thanks :)
sourced podcast
sourced podcast Pirms Mēneša
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Štefan Lukáč
Štefan Lukáč Pirms Mēneša
I am interested to Space my whole life. I thought I knew a lot about this topic, but then I've seen your videos. Now I can update my library of knowledge
Kendros Stragopulos
Kendros Stragopulos Pirms Mēneša
Aaand one year later by the cursed magic of youtube, the short answer is maaaaybee?
Fucked Gplus
Fucked Gplus Pirms Mēneša
nasa have big brain.....
Larry Booth
Larry Booth Pirms Mēneša
All this talk about thrust to weight ratio. Why carry all that fuel when LIM motors are available. If we can build sophisticated installations like NORAD. Why can't we drill a diagonal launch tube. Forget all that excess fuel. Use Earth and the electric we can give it to launch. Rockets can come later. There we can save hundreds of tons in fuel to payload ratio.
fury dua
fury dua Pirms Mēneša
The wankel engine of rockets, i see.
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