Amazing Camera Views From Inside SpaceX Rocket Fairings 

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On Tuesday a great video was posted from the fairing of a SpaceX rocket carrying a payload of Starlink Satellites. It was one of the best looks at the interior of the fairings which are practically independent spacecraft able to control their entry & descent to steer their way to a rendezvous with the recovery vessels.

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12 jūn 2020






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Neil Darmanin
Neil Darmanin Pirms 6 Stundām
NoNam Pirms 9 dienām
6:42 spacex should have used autostruts man
Jet Mech
Jet Mech Pirms 9 dienām
Basically just littering in space.
R O C R O C Pirms Mēneša
SpaceX, under constant development and willing to change without hesitation. That's what differentiates them from almost all other technical manufacturing companies. Certainly those in the "space" industry.
Jesse Foulk
Jesse Foulk Pirms Mēneša
How come I didn't know these videos existed.
กระดิกหาง หมานายเดียว
๐๐ ๐๐ ๐๐๐๐ แสง เงา แสง ๐๕ ๒๙ ผู้สร้าง ๐๐ ๐๐ ผู้ทำลาย ๐๐๐๐ ๐๐ ๐๐ ความลับของดวงตา *กู* " .กู. " .กู. ************************** 00/00/0000 " เงา " นิ้ว.กลาง GTM- 05:29 .ผู้.สร้าง. GTM- 00:00 .ผู้.ทำลาย. 0000/00/00 . ( . ความลับของดวงตา . ) .
Tom Ooms
Tom Ooms Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
J Gentry
J Gentry Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
Kill the voice. Not worth listening to for the first 16 seconds, sorry.
Bobo Pirms 3 Mēnešiem
Steve Eisenburger
Steve Eisenburger Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
Thanks for the content Scott 👍🏻😉
Combination Demo
Combination Demo Pirms 4 Mēnešiem
Question .... I never had an answer to this one But why don’t we have nice camera quality in space like in movies or 4K tv ?? It always looks kinda bad I’m always wondering I’m sure there’s a good reason tho
Paul Herriot
Paul Herriot Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
Fly safe buddy
Khanis Brown
Khanis Brown Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
Beautiful footage of the earth
Alexander Ray
Alexander Ray Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
Can I suggest you not commentate during the original footage and then analyse it after? It could be much more enjoyable rather than been told what to watch! Love the channel and thank you.
je3ro Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
At 6;24 there is a UFO!
Brenda J. Lawrence
Brenda J. Lawrence Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
Thank you Scott Manley!!! This is fantastic.
philosophiccreep Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
There is no such thing as centrifugal force Scott.
RB Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
cool stuff
Kevin Stewart
Kevin Stewart Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
Why is nobody talking about the UFO fly by at 1:33.....We don't need to go to Mars now.
David Arms
David Arms Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
Only Space X can make fairings fun and interesting.
fritz eder
fritz eder Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
What a great manifestation of human will!
Bob Neupert
Bob Neupert Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
This was a very informative vides. Thanks
MoonWolfyQwQ Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
wow cgi again..... Impressive... yawn
Greg Albright
Greg Albright Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
How longer after Starlinks opens for business, before it becomes desirable to just host all the internet servers in orbit?
Jayakrishnan M
Jayakrishnan M Pirms 5 Mēnešiem
Flat Earthers: DESLIKE
Willy Mac
Willy Mac Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
I wonder how flat earthers explain this video
Samos Pirms 2 Mēnešiem
They just call it CGI. That's their go-to when they can't explain something.
D Terpstra
D Terpstra Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
I know the "Dark Sat" theory didn't work well but could SX coat the sats with something that would give a specific signature to the reflections? Perhaps a specific wavelength of light, for example. That would make the reflection removal from image frames more precise; just calculate the brightness of the reflection and remove the correct amount of that frequency.
Ando Raza
Ando Raza Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
Is this plasma hot?
Gerhardt Meurer
Gerhardt Meurer Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
While, technologically this is quite amazing stuff, these satellite constellations are making it very hard to get a good view of the night sky. The Starlink satellites are very reflective (it helps to keep them from overheating) but with so many being up it is getting hard to take good science quality images from anywhere on the ground without the light from these satellites corrupting the images. For the casual viewer, I expect the night sky itself will become noticeably brighter, making it harder to see the Milky Way, Magellanic clouds, etc.
KSparx Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
The sec. stage exhaust impinges right on the drogue chute mortar. Seems a little scary! Edit: Unless it isn't a pyro I guess. Can they launch the drogue w/ gas? Anybody know how they do it?
Airroll Tangeeon
Airroll Tangeeon Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
Here is the sad truth Im 60 and our current technology (Thats in the public domain) is rockets the next Europa mission is 2032 making me 72 so technology kept for our saftey will eventually be as common as dirt ,its a dam shame that in our garages we manipulate the electromagnetic fields and witness the taming of gravity but as a team which is the American scientist we cant give this to the public ,so like the cave man who hung the first wheel for fear of the horse owners assoication .i will die with only one ironic thought we all watched shoemaker levee nine and the russian in air asteroid explode yet today right now if a 10 mile in diameter sun orbiter asteroid was coming at us WE WOULD NEVER SEE IT until ....... a new species appeared on this earth ,after the black skies finally cleared and the temperature warmed back up. the Earth starts from Zero for the 11th time. the first four colonized other planets and came back to a destroyed earth with a new dominate species. I thought we would colonize but we were just the tenth.
vignesh velmurugan
vignesh velmurugan Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
Could you please do a video on Ion thrusters!?
Bad Robot
Bad Robot Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
OneWeb...isn't that the one the UK Gov blew £500m on recently?
Kanon Dou
Kanon Dou Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
ur audio sucks
David Messer
David Messer Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
I'd love to see a complete video all the way down to being caught by the boat.
hayaMLaアダム Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
11:15 looks like a real life wormhole :D
pobinr Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
100s of satellites! Poor astronomers
Kenji Okura
Kenji Okura Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
Interesting in the FAA environmental assessment (page 18-19) says that a drogue chute deploys at 50,000 ft that would help deploy the parafoil and separates from the fairing so they say that they want to have a separate vessel that would catch the drogue parachutes separate from the fairings.
AstroCJ42 Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
One thing I noticed was how flat the earth was in those fake space videos... Wow.. Beautiful...
Oliver Lamb
Oliver Lamb Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
Actual Scottish from Scott! "Theire's nunnae the acoustic panneling"
Lockstra Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
that part of when the sun came into view and was massive and blinding gave me existential crisis, like that thing is so huge and valuable it literally created life on this planet.
Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
Oneweb: "nobody wants to buy us" British government: _makes a stupid decision_
BEARicade !
BEARicade ! Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
They should sell rides on the fairings!
Nicolas Roy
Nicolas Roy Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
Great !!!!
Larry Smith
Larry Smith Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
Jesus Loves YOU ALL!!! Call on His Name today for today is the day of Salvation(John 3: 15-17 NKJV)
Antan Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
How does this relate to the video?
Moll Custom Instruments
Moll Custom Instruments Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
What is that crossing the screen at 6:20?
Robert Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
But our goverment just spent a fortune of peoples money on One Web. Me personally was like wtf.
Mike Griffith
Mike Griffith Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
The best space content on the Internet !!!! thank you , Scott Manley~~~ fly safe
Mark Esplin
Mark Esplin Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
The shape of the fairing is similar to the bottom surface of the Spacex starship. It would be interesting to know if Spacex is experimenting with "flying" the fairings to gain data for starship handling. I understand that the fairing takes about 45 minutes before it hits the ocean. I assume that the fairing spends most of that time as a hypersonic glide vehicle. I wounder if Spacex could be using the cold gas thrusters to fly the fairing closer to the recovery ships.
Paul Silva
Paul Silva Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
1:30 WHERE is the announcer that is in this segment??? I have not heard from her in the last few VIDEOS???
tuffduty Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
THE spokesman of space - so much to show and explain to us, from so little. Always positive!
emrfixit Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
I like Mr. Scott! Very knowledgeable Mr. Man
Poj Dia Vaj
Poj Dia Vaj Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
Beautiful spacex
Jonathan Chester
Jonathan Chester Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
Love the flex of the faring as it separates. I don't see why space surfing can't happen now. Strap me in and let's go haah!
KSparx Pirms 6 Mēnešiem
You might wanna think twice about hangin' ten on a plasma wave though. Not sure if current sunscreens are up to par. Might get a little burnt.
Carye wilson
Carye wilson Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
Frank Negrete
Frank Negrete Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
that high-altitude detachment @ 7:20, in my humble opinion, is THE coolest high-altitude booster detachment I've just about ever seen. Those colors were out of this friggin' world! (no pun intended) I'm curious to know how this would have appear to us when viewed through different filters of the light spectrum! So cool.
Jonathan Nelson
Jonathan Nelson Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
It looks like there are embers streaking past the fairing. It reminds me of the warp drive effect from Start Trek. What would be burning like that to cause this?
Les Hemmings
Les Hemmings Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
Scott! Come home! You've been out there too long! You pronounced "The Blue Danube" the American way, not the U.K. way.
Jsweizston Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
Rockets be moving. Damn.
Michael La Fayette
Michael La Fayette Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
can we talk about the fact that the camera survived a fall from space?
Zachary Fluke
Zachary Fluke Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
The part where the fairing is re-entering the atmosphere, and we get a view looking into the plasma stream, is by far my favorite part. Science is amazing, and that was gorgeous.
Dark Knighte Apologeticz
Dark Knighte Apologeticz Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
Are the fairings faring well? lol
Keegan Heagerty
Keegan Heagerty Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
We didnt get any images from the ride shair launch. Bummber!
Caleb Waddell
Caleb Waddell Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
I happened to be in Florida on vacation when this launch happened. I didnt know abt it till it was live. I had checked a Kenady Space Center launch schedule and this launch wasn't on there. I was very disappointed that I wasnt able to see this launch in person.
Milton Miller
Milton Miller Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Jonahs Gang
Jonahs Gang Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Did anyone else see that at 1:33
Matt Renton
Matt Renton Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
flip me, technically, mathematically and anything else 'ally it blows my mind how we've come so farm managing to figure out all this stuff it literally hurts my brain trying to understand it all
Vin Ster
Vin Ster Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Atlas Pirms 7 Mēnešiem
the bullet-shaped housing on top of the rocket to protect the satellites
David Henderson
David Henderson Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
NASA- million dollar camera SpaceX- GoPro GoPro ad "If our camera can survive a trip to space and back it sure can survive your weekend camping trip."
Anonymous Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
1:33 Uh, WTF is that?
Steve Treloar
Steve Treloar Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Elon is a freaking vandal.
sogood 2bhappy
sogood 2bhappy Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
It looks like its traveling in warp speed
Surjith Po
Surjith Po Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Dene. F.
Dene. F. Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Sudazima Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
i find it interesting that there seem to be 3 separate exhaust regimes visible. first you have the blue part that hits the opposite end of the bell and makes as big an angle as possible forming a kind of umbrella shape and expanding adiabatic afterwards (part thats not visible in atmo), second is a orange part that comes off the edge of the bell and goes straight down, and thirdly seems to be a small jet in the center that is several times longer than the rest. not 100% sure but i think this is the part that comes from the combustion chamber directly and never impinges on the convergent divergent bell at all. not a big fan of all the 100s of satellites from starlink, sounds like kessler syndrome in the making..
Space Facts Wax
Space Facts Wax Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Thanks so much for posting. I had the chance to see a rocket launch in 2018. Amazing experience. I uploaded a pretty solid clip of the experience on my channel.
Ra Senché
Ra Senché Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
7:37 using the Neutron start jetstreams to charge up i see
Sander Kamp
Sander Kamp Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
I'm gonna miss these shots when Starship becomes operational
Aaron Sprouse
Aaron Sprouse Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Dad was out fishing very early in the morning, permanently it was dark enough to see the exhaust trail for this launch all the way up in SC.
DJ DarkGift
DJ DarkGift Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Great Video Scott. Love the beauty of all of those SpaceX fairing videos. In the case of the OneWeb debacle, I think that they should put something on the books, if there isn’t already something in place, that any Sat shot into LEO needs to have a contingency use/system as for cases like this where there are now more pieces of useless space junk adding to the space traffic. I’m sure this would add to the weight of Sat’s going to space but in the end, we’d benefit from three pieces of useless tech. Have a good one Brother.
Douglas MacNeil
Douglas MacNeil Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Scott, I have a question about Starship. Could a weight optimized starship (optimized engines and final weight projected by Elon) be capable of a suborbital NY City to London flight without a BFR booster)? Perhaps with only 50 or 100 passengers? Would such a Starship need three vacuum engines or would one be sufficient? If it could make a flight without needing the BFR, that would greatly simplify the launch and landing pad.
กระดิกหาง หมานายเดียว
๐๐ ๐๐ ๐๐๐๐ ๐๕ ๒๙ ๐๐ ๐๐ ๐๐๐๐ ๐๐ ๐๐ *กู* " .กู. " .กู. ************************** 00/00/0000 "" . GTM- 05:29 ... GTM- 00:00 ... 0000/00/00 . ( . ? . ) .
Alex Balakchiev
Alex Balakchiev Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
1:33 someone knows what's the flying object passig by?
Chrontius Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
It flew into sunlight. Spectacular.
Tamiya Fan
Tamiya Fan Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
At 12:00 on you are talking about the fairing and rocket plume. Are you sure it's the fairing creating that void vs the natural spread outwards of the rocket engines thrust in higher altitudes?
Eduardo Felipe Ratzersdorf de Souza
SpaceX is not making easy to Rocket Lab. Ridshare missions reduce the cost of launch and at a Falcon 9, maximizes the number of tiny sats per launch. An agressive competitor rises for Peter Beck and his friends.
Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Such a waste of time, and money..How about we feed and help our own country and people first.
CNCmachiningisfun Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
@Pinkie Love Instead of whining about the successes of others, as is the way with you losers, how about YOU go out and help other people?
Scott Manley
Scott Manley Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
If you truly want to do that there are better things to take resources from. This is a private business, it's not being paid for by the government.
Jens Yacht Design
Jens Yacht Design Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
What is flying by om 1.33
1xfm2 Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
The guy that returned the debris took a longer vacation with the money SpaceX paid him.
Tripod Catz
Tripod Catz Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
I will pay you $1.00 to say, "Captain, I canna get the warp engines back online unless I divert power from the shields!!!!" Also, the rocket animation at the start of your video looks like a penis.
Ryo Making Progress
Ryo Making Progress Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Yep, let's fake the rocket engine illuminating the clouds far away from distance. Sometimes conspiraderp can be cute and clueless.
10 Billions
10 Billions Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
imagine still argue with the earth is flat lol☺
Ed Dyer
Ed Dyer Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Mr. M. Love your show babe. I am wondering if you have your running shoes on? I am trying to catch up to Elon Musk and Gwynne Shotwell, no easy task. They are King and Queen with a mighty HR tower. Me ? Bishop? Knight? Pawn? :-) Pi guy? Process improvement but that is as they a far away story. Please put on your stainless steel hat. My thought is that priorities are ever changing at: STLC Starship R & D Boca Chica. Already juggling: Enter the #1 (in Japanese) ichiebon customer asks for a moon mission, a feather soft Luna Moth like touchdown. Remember the Dragonfly? Draco and super draco design are close. We need a methane breathing draco, 2x size? Feather the exhaust, deep throttle and a pinch of gimble? Take sn#007 and the 002 tanky the pair of path finders, sleeves and these new baby dragon motors [sprites]. OO7 goes to the moon. Not Tom C. ready yet. I bet they are already printing these new sprites in McGreggor. I would not be surprised at all to find SpaceX has a plan. In Japan, tell the taxi driver Hi-ah-koo and hold on. In my pretend interview with 'the powers that be' they ask what I need, I say "more time." They both reply, "That is not ours to give, padawan learner. Request denied" Anything else? ha ha Yes, how can I help? You two? Question is where will they stick me? Life is too short not to enjoy what you are doing and who is doing it to you. I have done work for the White House. Years ago. My sponsor asked for me to fix reports with out looking at them. I said "You want the moon and the stars." she replied "and the planets too." God I love my sponsors. Suffice to say I can do that blindfolded. Another job for Congress, They do not know about putting software on the shelf for 3 months in advance. Nooo. I can make their changes, to our stuff, with one hand tied behind my back. Oh, BLS Okay my bad, maybe. Had to buy a tie. After that meeting I always kept ties in my drawer. They asked "can you put it back?" Yes, sure no problem. They were unable to adapt and not ready, no worries the customer is always right Eh? Oh the list goes on. I could write a book. Story of my life continues like --- daytime soap opera. same same same If I chase after a job with SpaceX what will I do. Pie guy, a chef or cook, one of the fastest servers in the world? A PIT process improvement team lead, ninja get to wear pajamas. The cryo fuel team or real pit crew, the bbq pit or yes Bonfire pit master, they are in dire need. When Starship R&D Boca Chica is having a party it can be seen from space. We can change the letters. How would you like it to read? SIR SCOTT I think that only the Queen, does the knight hood thing. Some watery tart throws a sword at you ... Good luck with that. You would make an excellent knight we can ride together. I ask, "How do you know he is a king?" He is not all covered in sh.. Peace
Z3R0 CHANC3 Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
What happens to that release bar for the Starlink release? It looks like it's not attached to anything, but they're in a stable orbit at this point aren't they?
M_Chupon Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
There's a small amount of air resistance this low, so the bar will deorbit and burn up in a few days. The satellites have to raise themselves up from there to avoid meeting the same fate.
AdmaneB Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Nice pictures... Love space, and rockets, don't like starlink at all!! How long will starlink satellites last...If they were to stop now.. Horrible things, ruining the night sky
Ümit Kaynar
Ümit Kaynar Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Spacex's main purpose is to destroy other satellites in space. A motherfucker who put garbage in space.
M_Chupon Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Starlink sats are pretty low, not much chance of hitting anything
SHOBO Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
DUUUDE, this is sick O_O
Shad Sterling
Shad Sterling Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
2:17 isn't that rod going to be dangerous for all the satellites?
Shad Sterling
Shad Sterling Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
@M_Chupon it's released in the same orbit as the satellites, which are staying up a lot longer than a few days, why would that come down so much sooner?
M_Chupon Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
Nah air resistance will bring that down in a few days
Igor Tyurenkov
Igor Tyurenkov Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
He we go again with hors shit cartoons again
nazar kovalenko
nazar kovalenko Pirms 8 Mēnešiem
What was that? Something very fast.. 1:33
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